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Freedom Tour Report - Winnipeg

Sunday went very well in Winnipeg. The public meeting in the evening attracted about 250 people; that is a respectable number, although we were hoping for more. We had some incredible banners hanging, so the church looked great.

Irma's and Aleida's speeches were received with keen interest and enthusiasm. In my greetings from MB-Cuba, I especially noted the difference the CNC has made to all our work in the past two years, and especially for the success of this tour. Many people drew around the two women after the formal portion of the evening was over to shake hands, talk and take pictures. More than $1100.00 was collected at the door. A good number of people signed up to join the campaign for the release of the five, so the most critical period is now ahead of us.

Two dancers from the Royal Winnipeg Ballet, one Cuban, the other Canadian, did a stunning duet -- although originally we were going to pay the Canadian dancer, he insisted on donating his performance to the cause. Antonio's poems were read beautifully in Spanish and English. All in all, there was a great response from the audience.

We videotaped the entire evening, plus the "meet and greet" social afternoon and those tapes, plus copies of the media interviews, will be provided to Vancouver for the compilation project. We think it's great that's going to happen.

We went for Ethiopian-Lebanese food for dinner, instead of Chinese, just for variety! That's some Ethiopian, some Lebanese; it's not a nouveau cuisine! We are all tired but happy here. Aleida and Irma are amazing women.

Diane, Winnipeg
Manitoba-Cuba Solidarity Committee

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CPAC - The Canadian Parliamentary Channel - interviewed Irma González on Thursday, October 2nd. The interview was broadcast at 7:00pm EST and repeated in the following days. Visit to find or request a repeat in your area.

More information on the Cuba Five can be found on this page.

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