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Freedom Tour Report - Toronto

Dear Friends of Cuba,

The first full day of the Freedom Tour of Irma González and Dr. Aleida Guevara March was a resounding success! The program in Toronto included the following:

  • meeting with local elected officials
  • press conference (photo below)
  • campus meeting at George Brown College (photos below)
  • meeting with labour and social activists (photo below)
  • evening public meeting at OISE (photos below)

All of the events went well, especially the public meetings at George Brown College and OISE where Irma, Aleida and Livio di Celmo (the brother of Fabio Di Celmo, the Italian-Canadian victim of a terrorist bombing at a Havana hotel in 1997) spoke to packed houses and delivered powerful and passionate speeches.

The press conference was also well-attended; however it appears that little of it made it past the editors and producers onto the air or into print. The battle to break the "wall of silence" in the mass media however will and must continue!

Miguel Figueroa
Free the Cuban Five Ctte. (Toronto)

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Media Coverage of the Tour:


Post-Event Reports

CPAC - The Canadian Parliamentary Channel - interviewed Irma González on Thursday, October 2nd. The interview was broadcast at 7:00pm EST and repeated in the following days. Visit to find or request a repeat in your area.

More information on the Cuba Five can be found on this page.

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