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Cuba - Canada
One Hundred Years in View
1903 - 2003
Few Canadians know that one of the greatest poems in Latin American literature was written by a Cuban in honour of Canada's most famous landmark.
Canadian Connections:

Terry Fox Run in Cuba

CARE Canada - Cuba Photo Gallery

Canada-Cuba Inter-Agency Project (CCIP)

Metropolitan Park Project (Urban Institute, Toronto)

Canada-Cuba Alternate Transportation Project (Sanctuary Foundation)

A Daughter's Journey

Irma González toured Canada, raising awareness of her father's unjust imprisonment in a U.S. federal prison. His crime? Working to stop terrorism.

Full Story |  Free the Five info

[Compay Segundo]

Compay Segundo dies at 95

With the death of Compay Segundo, Cuban music has lost one of its most notable singers, a man whose fame came late in life, but who could not attain his desire to reach the age of 115.
    • Full story from Granma International

May Day Celebrations
2003 | 2004

Susan Hurlich

Karen Wald

Polo Montañez
The death of a singing peasant...

Cuba: health Care News
article listing

Cuba: Environment News
article listing

Universities working with Cuba

CIDA's Awards of Excellence 2002
(Best cooperation projects by colleges and universities for contributing to skills training and poverty reduction in Cienfuegos, Cuba)

Dalhousie (Halifax)
(study abroad, spring study tour, economic management, coastal management)

Queens (Kingston) (development ethics)

U. of Toronto

Saint Mary's (Halifax) (Coastal Zone Management Project)

Augustana (Alberta)

Doing business in / with Cuba (links to Strategis, etc.)
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (DFAIT) Cuba Page
Doing business in Cuba (DFAIT's InfoExport site)

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