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Ambassador De Cossio
It is a great honor for me to convey a message of friendship and solidarity from Cuba, a message to the labor movement and tothe working people of Canada. In celebrating International Workers Day we are paying tribute to the struggle and sacrifices of generations of working people around the world, as well as to the achievements of the international labor movement.

In Cuba, where the interests and aspirations of the working men and women are not only a concern of the nation but also a full responsibility and obligation of the government, the First of May will be remembered in mass rallies all across the country. As it is our tradition, it will be a day of celebration and festivity, and also a day of mobilization and activism. Millions of Cubans will march in support of the struggles of the working people, making a political statement for peace, justice, friendship and solidarity. They will definitely be making a statement of firm commitment in defense of the Revolution that since 1959 has ensured real and profound social justice for our nation.

In a world still marked by gross inequalities, by injustice and selfish corporate abuses, the labor movement cannot afford to be disconnected from its brothers and sisters around the world. The paramount banners of unity and solidarity must continue to be the driving forces of international labor activism and of its never ending struggle for the rights of the working people. The aspirations of millions of individuals and their communities worldwide will still depend on the mobilizing capacity and true commitment of union and labor organizations.

On behalf of the people of Cuba I convey our commitment of support and cooperation to our brothers and sisters of Canada.

In solidarity,

Carlos Fernández de Cossio
Ambassador of Cuba

April 30, 2004

This May Day message from the Ambassador was read out at the May Day Celebration Dance in Ottawa on April 30.

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