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17th World Youth Festival Delegates Oppose Blockade of Cuba Print E-mail

(17th World Festival of Youth and Students)

AT the Tshwane Events Centre, where the 17th World Festival of Youth and Students is taking place, dozens of participants raised their voices in opposition to the U.S. blockade of Cuba.


Cuban Doctors Save 250000 people in Haiti Print E-mail

HAVANA , Cuba, Dec 29 (acn) Cuban doctors have saved over 250000 Haitians during the twelve years of medical cooperation in Haiti, which was devastated in 2010 by a strong earthquake and after that by the cholera pandemic.

Cuban Health vice Minister Marcias Cobas said that international cooperation with Haiti began in December 1998; it was never suspended despite coups d’état, and was intensified this year after the earthquake and the pandemic outbreak.

According to the Cuban Round Table TV Program, Cobas affirmed that Haiti has received, during these years, more than 3500 health cooperants that have performed 16 million consultations.

Cobas added that the health system of Haiti was rebuilt, as part of a Cuban initiative after the earthquake, with the support of nations from the Bolivarian Alliance for the Peoples of Our America (ALBA), especially from Venezuela.

She mentioned that under this initiative, in progress when the cholera pandemic started, they have created more than 24 campaign hospitals and 30 rehabilitation centers.

Cobas noted that nowadays, there are more than 1334 Cuban health cooperants and that not even the pandemic has been able to stop the rebuilding process.

Cholera was detected last October 20 in a health facility with Cuban doctors and it spread right away throughout the country causing death to 2707 people. Other 115 cases were reported in the Dominican Republic, Haiti’s closest neighbor, in addition to other three in the United States. Cuban Health deputy Minister Luis Struch pointed out that after the earthquake Cuba began to monitor the epidemiologic situation of Haiti, which allowed noticing immediately this acute bacteriologic disease of high toxicity.

Struch said that the Cuban strategy against the pandemic in Haiti is to take the health services to every corner of the country.

The Rector of the Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) highlighted the presence of tens of young physicians graduated in this school in the cooperation mission in Haiti.

Cuban vice Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment Ramon Ripoll noted that the solidarity of other governments with Haiti is channeled through the Cuban medical mission.

He cited the support of Norway, Spain, Australia and Namibia and stated that the distribution and use of the materials are made in conjunction with the Haitian authorities.

Cuban Authorities Investigate Crash of Cuban Airliner Print E-mail


Cuban authorities from the Interior Ministry, the Revolutionary Armed Forces, the Communist Party, and provincial government authorities continued their on-site investigations of a plane crash on Thursday, November 4 in Sancti Spiritus.
Cuban Economy Minister Reports to Union Leaders on Economic Situation Print E-mail

Cuban Economy and Planning Minister Marino Murillo reported on the current economic situation and the measures implemented to the participants at the 86th Plenary of the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) on October 31 in Havana.

Murillo gave details about the investments underway in the country. He lashed some that are causing Cuba to immobilize resources, and assured that the new plan includes only those that were well prepared.

The Minister said there is a disproportionate relation between the average salary and productivity, which translates in society distributing goods faster that it produces them.

There are more people employed in the service sector than in the productive one, an “occupational structure that doesn’t allow any economy to work properly” he said.

“The new measures aim at suppressing undue gratuities and excessive subsidies; removing unnecessary burdens from the State; reducing bloated payrolls and increasing work productivity.”

Murillo added that these measures will allow the government to make the necessary changes in salaries and retirement pensions.

He defined how the adjustments to bloated payrolls must be done, which will include redesigning them according to availability based on proven suitability and to implement work and salary treatment for workers that will become available for other positions.

He spoke of the increase of the self-employment possibilities and the new tax system.

(Cuban News Agency)


Cuban Workers Confederation Backs Employment Restructuring Print E-mail

The National Council of the Cuban Workers Confederation (CTC) passed a resolution expressing its full support of the employment restructuring underway in the country in a plenary meeting held by the organization's leadership over the weekend.

According to the document published by Trabajadores newspaper November 1, the organization agreed to raise the workers’ awareness on the importance of measures launched by the Cuban government in an effort to update the country’s economic model and strengthen the basis of socialism.

The organization said it will actively participate in the restructuring process which will lead to an increase and development of new forms of employment and work organization, while strengthening discipline measures, the elimination of paternalism and the review of training programs for workers.

The CTC’s National Council committed to strengthening political and ideological actions within the labor movement, boosting union affiliation and fostering production and raising awareness on the need to save resources.

Among agreements made in the meeting was to work to improve working conditions.

(Cuban News Agency)



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