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Consulting Company Aids Foreign Companies to Enter Cuban Market

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (acn) In order to promote foreign investment in Cuba, CANEC SA Economic Consulting provides services to more than 60 foreign companies, to which they facilitate entering the Cuban market.

Jesus Pulido Catasús, business executive director of the entity belonging to the National Association of Economists and Accountants of Cuba (ANEC by its Spanish acronym), told ACN that their main customers come from countries like Spain, Canada, France, Germany, Panama, Turkey and China.
Regarding the presence of CANEC in the 31st Havana International Trade Fair, FIHAV 2013, underway in Expocuba, the manager noted that its goal is to identify new customers among the more than 1,400 companies from 65 countries present, in order to provide them information on the potential of Cuban economy.
He stressed that counseling helps them to develop efficient business in Cuba, while encourages a direct relationship between provider and domestic suppliers.
Pulido also reported that CANEC services include the preparation of documentation for the future establishment of branches of foreign entities in the country.
Such agreements allow demonstrating the prestige of Cuban entrepreneurs in fulfilling contracts, as to date there has been no disagreement regarding payments, Pulido Catasús stated.
In addition to advising foreign companies not based in Cuba, more than 1,300 CANEC SA consultants and auditors offer solutions on economic, accounting and financial issues to national entities, joint ventures and subsidiaries of foreign firms.

Several Agreements Signed in Second Day of Havana Trade Fair
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (acn) The signature of an economic complementation agreement between Cuba and Venezuela and official openings of pavilions of important trade partners of Cuba happened today in the second day of the 31st International Fair of Havana (FIHAV 2013).
During the celebration of Venezuela’s National Day, the document was signed by Rodrigo Malmierca, Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment, and Alexander Fleming, Trading Minister of the South American nation.
The agreement will contribute to the gradual elimination of tariffs, a move that will increase the exchange of products and services.
On the other hand, it excelled the interest of China and Cuba to strengthen commercial ties, which reached 400 000 million dollars in the first eight months of 2013.
Chen Bing, head of business of the Asian nation, said that figure represents an increase of 20 percent compared to the same period of 2012.
During last Monday it was also celebrated Spain’s National Day, third economic partner of Cuba, and it was known that the exchange between the two countries exceeds one billion dollars so far this year.

With more than 130 exhibiting companies, the European nation repeats as one of the largest representation in the main Cuban market.
The presentation of the rums Cubay Elixir 33 and Cubay Carte Blanche Extra Old showed the opportunity for diversification of production for Cuban domestic market, tourism and exports.

Cuba to Reveal Details on Special Development Zone at Havana Trade Fair
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (acn) the third day of the XXXI International Trade Fair of Havana opened today with a conference on business opportunities for Cuban and foreign entities in the Mariel Special Zone Development (ZEDM by its Spanish acronym).
Rodrigo Malmierca, Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment (MINCEX), and Ana Teresa Igarza, CEO of the Regulatory Office of the ZEDM, will be in charge of providing details on the issue.
Recently Malmeirca said that the opening of the ZED in Mariel, located in the western province of Artemisa, will be in January 2014 and there will be implemented special policies to promote environmentally sustainable economic development through foreign investment that provides technological and managerial innovation.
Moreover, representatives of the Cuban Vessel Register Classification Society also make a presentation in FIHAV, one of the largest trade fairs in Latin America, attended by one thousand 400 exhibitors from 65 countries.
Canada, Brazil, France, Russia and the UK, major trading partners of the Island, will celebrate their national day on Tuesday, and also there will be a business meeting between Cuba and Brazil.
FIHAV will run until next Saturday and is done in the context of the 50th anniversary of the Chamber of Commerce of Cuba.

Cuba Shows Impact of Biotechnology on Cancer Fight at Havana Trade Fair

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 4 (acn) The Cuban biotechnology’s impact on cancer control and innovative therapeutic product developed by the Molecular Immunology Center ( CIM ) , will be presented at the XXXI International Fair of Havana ( FIHAV ) 2013 ), which began this Sunday in this capital.

In a round of negotiations, scheduled for November 7 in the fairgrounds of EXPOCUBA, Cuba will present a multimedia made for VAXIRA, last therapeutic vaccine for the treatment of lung cancer, with promising results, CIM scientists announced.

The institution conducts more than 60 clinical trials in Cuba for several diseases, most notably cancer, which is the leading cause of death in the country since 2012.

In an exclusive interview with ACN, Dr. Mayra Ramos, head of the department of Clinical Trials CIM - within the BioCubaFarma business group, announced that they are developing new therapeutic vaccines and monoclonal antibodies.
In the latter type the Caribbean nation has registered nimotuzumab for patients with tumors of the head and neck, brain, both in adults and in children.
She also said that this product has been applied in colorectal oncogenic diseases, hepatocellular, lung cancer, brain metastases of malignant tumor in those and other locations.
CIM studies, in conjunction with the Coordinating Center for Clinical Trials, also have demonstrated efficacy with therapeutic vaccines recorded in Cuba for the treatment of lung cancer: the CIMAVAX-EGF and Racotumomab (Vaxira).
We have also performed other clinical trials with these immunogens in prostate, breast and colon cancers, the specialist said. 
From the beginning of this year they are carrying out a new clinical trial of VAXIRA, in the neighborhood clinics, with great results, Ramos added
New Photovoltaic Park Opens in Havana’s Outskirts
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 3 (acn) The Expocuba photovoltaic park, located in the namesake fair grounds that currently hosts the Havana Trade Fair, was officially inaugurated this Sunday, and for the last two days has been synchronized with the national power grid.
Built in less than three months for the workers of the Works of Architecture No. 37, of the province of Cienfuegos, the park will generate 1,500 megawatt / hour when it is at full capacity.
The unit will also save the country some 530 tons of fuel annually, reducing carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and cover 50 percent of the electricity demand of the center, one of the 35 with highest power consumption in Havana.
Alfredo Lopez, Minister of Energy and Mines, said that the construction of the Chinese technology station can be a role model on the island.
He reported that in the near future they expect to set up another photovoltaic park in Expocuba to meet its energy needs.
The event was part of the opening program of the 31st International Trade Fair of Havana, which is attended by over three thousand visitors from 65 nations.
Gustavo Rodriguez Rollero, Minister of Agriculture, and Chen Ping, chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in the island, were present, along with guests and builders.

Cuban Drug Heberprot-P already registered in 19 Countries
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 4 (acn) Heberprot-P, unique of its kind in the world to avoid amputation in diabetic foot ulcers, is registered in 19 countries, a Cuban expert announced in Havana.
In statements to ACN, Dr. Manuel Raíces, researcher at the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (CIGB by its Spanish acronym), said that with such therapy they have treated more than 132,000 patients worldwide with successful results.
From that total, more than 24,000 are Cubans and the relative risk of amputation has been reduced by 71 percent, generating a high quality of life for the population, the CIGB researcher stated, whose entity is actually participating in the 31st edition of Havana International Fair, FIHAV 2013.
The expert added that over 60 percent of patients who have underwent therapies using this innovative product in the Caribbean nation are treated in the system of Primary Health Care (PHC), which shows the perception of risk within diabetic population.
Dr. Raices noted that before 2016 it is expected that more than 90 percent of Cuban population to attend the PHC, which will considerably reduce the risk of amputation.

He stressed that Cuba performs actions with Ecuador aiming to extend these programs to China and the European Union, where they are laying the groundwork to develop in 2014 a phase two clinical trial in complex ulcers.
Raíces announced that Russia completed a phase three clinical trial, which was qualified as successful and the product must be registered soon.
In his lecture, as part of the 6th Session of Cuba-Russia Business Committee in FIHAV 2013, the scientist spoke about work prospects in the Eurasian nation, which with 142 million inhabitants has a prevalence of nine percent of diabetes, and about 12 million people suffer from this disease.

Cuban Economy Grows Three Percent, Says Minister
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 4 (acn) “The Cuban economy is still in the process of transformation and maintains its vitality and growth by about three percent”, Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment (Mincex) Rodrigo Malmierca, said in Havana.
At the opening the 31st International Trade Fair of Havana, FIHAV 2013, Malmierca remarked that the country is moving in the process of updating its economic model aimed at the development of productive forces and efficient management .
In the presence of the vice presidents of the Council of Ministers, Ricardo Cabrisas and Major General Antonio Enrique Lussón , member of CPC Central Committee , and other state leaders and the government , the head of MINCEX welcomed the broad participation of key business partners of the island, including Venezuela , China , Russia and Spain .
The Cuban economic model reaffirms socialism and planning as cornerstones for development, while recognizing and promoting the development of new non-state forms of property management such as cooperatives and self-employed, the official said.
He added that the work that is undertaken today to update the foreign investment policy is done under the conviction of the important role of foreign capital in the country's development.
Malmierca gave details about the Mariel Special Development Zone, located in the province of Artemisa, whose opening will be in January 2014 where they will establish special policies to promote environmentally sustainable economic development through foreign investment that contribute with and technological and management innovation.

New Brigade of Cuban Doctors Departs for Brazil
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 4 (acn) The third brigade of Cuban doctors will leave in the next hours to Brazil, to provide services in the most remote areas of the geography of South American giant.
The new group, which is part of the More Doctors for Brazil, had a farewell ceremony this Sunday in the capital, with the presence of a member of the Party Central Committee, Dr. Roberto Morales Ojeda, Minister of Public Health (Minsap), who handed the flag to the brigade.
Marcia Cobas , deputy minister of Minsap, spoke of the training received by doctors in Portuguese, Brazil’s official language, and the health care system of the sister nation.

She said the country, with an estimated area of over 8.5 million square kilometers, almost have the territory of the South America subcontinent, is made up by a federal district and 26 states, with five 5,565 municipalities

She said that Brazil has over 190 million inhabitants, which makes it the fifth most populous country in the world.
She said the government aims to achieve the goal of having 2.7 doctors per thousand inhabitants which now is 1.8 and for that it needs more than 169,000 other doctors.
Cobas said that the members of this third contingent are mostly young; adding that more than 70 percent of them accumulated over 15 years of experience, with a high sense of ethics, humanism and responsibility.
They represent the 15 provinces and the special municipality of Isle of Youth, and will have the task of consolidating the international recognition enjoyed by the Cuban health system.
Dr. Roilder Frómeta, specialist in General Medicine and Master in Emergency Medicine-who received the flag from the hands of health minister, acknowledged the commitment involved leading a group of highly experienced professional colleagues, who will work in mountainous, indigenous and jungle areas where people needs them. 
The advance party of Cuban doctors arrived in Brazil on August 24, and on October 7 the second group arrived, whose dedication and careful attention is already recognized and acknowledged by the Brazilian government and people.

Cuba and Venezuela Can Increase Cooperation, says Vice-President
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 4 (acn) Ricardo Cabrisas, vice president of the Council of Ministers, said today that there is potential to increase cooperation agreements with Venezuela.
While walking the grounds of the Venezuelan nation pavilion at the XXXI International Fair of Havana (FIHAV-2013), Cabrisas said that strategies are focused on promoting high quality products.
He said that many of the items and services that are exhibited in the sample can be marketed in other countries of Latin America and the Caribbean.
During a meeting in the Fair, experts from both countries identified as priority areas education, health, sports, culture, food, construction, transport, communications and information, energy and strengthening social missions.
During the XIII Meeting of the Cuba-Venezuela Joint Commission, held last April in the capital and led by Army General Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba and president of the Councils of State and Ministers, and the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Maduro, 51 projects were approved.

Scientific Conference in Western Cuba on Diabetes
HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 5 (acn) As part of activities for World Diabetes Day, which is celebrated on November 14, the provinces of Artemisa and Mayabeque will develop the First Regional Scientific Conference on the disease.
The Provincial Health Direction and political and mass organizations of Bauta town sponsor the conference to be held from November 11 to 14, Mailyn Palmero, promoter of Heberprot-P, novel and unique Cuban medicine for diabetic foot ulcers, which is patented in 19 countries, told ACN.
The scientific sessions, dedicated this year to the management of patients with diabetic foot and treatment with this product developed by Cuban biotechnology, will contribute to improve the quality of care and the administration of the drug to people with this affection in the western territory, she said.
These include active investigations led to the diagnosis of the disease and its complications, educational lectures by health professionals and meetings with the lead researcher of Heberprot-P, PhD. Jorge Berlanga from the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology.
It will also be developed posters and brochures campaigns, informational meetings aimed at diabetic foot ulcers and its novel treatment as alternative to avoid amputation.
The World Diabetes Day is celebrated on November 14, most important awareness campaign of the planet, established by the International Diabetes Federation and the World Health Organization (WHO) in 1991, in response to the alarming increase of such cases in the world.
Today there are more than 366 million people affected with this condition that kills 4.6 million people annually, which represents a challenge for health systems worldwide, according to WHO statistics.

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