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Counting the Cost of The Cuban Blockade Print E-mail

Rob Miller, Morning Star, October 1, 2016

Cuba has once again been forced to present its annual motion to the United Nations protesting against the illegal US blockade, which continues unabated despite all the early promise of the restoration of diplomatic links and President Barack Obama’s visit to Cuba. ROB MILLER has the story.

Obama in Cuba: How “Political Prisoners” Hit the Corporate International Media Headlines Print E-mail

By Arnold August, Havana. Published in The Citizen, India. March 26, 2016.

In the course of President Obama’s visit to Cuba on March 20–22, 2016, the issue of supposed Cuban “political prisoners” took centre stage in Cuba–US relations for at least 24 hours in much of the international mainstream media. The sets of international foreign television outlets were situated on a floor of the emblematic Lonja del Comercio (the fully renovated former Stock Exchange in pre-revolutionary Cuba) overlooking Old Havana. A cacophony of phrases from the reporters about political prisoners emanated from the sets. It seemed that “Obama in Cuba” had become equated with “political prisoners.” The only exception appeared to be TeleSUR, based in Caracas, Venezuela.

A Year of Achievement for Cuban Healthcare Print E-mail

Ollie Hopkins, Morning Star | Wednesday, 30 December 2015 - THE 56TH year of the Cuban Revolution, 2015, has been a year of more inspirational achievements in health, education and internationalism — despite the ongoing US blockade.

Cuba: still under siege Print E-mail

By James Bell, Fight Racism! Fight Imperialism! February 18,  2016

On 6 January, the US State Department announced the allocation of an additional $5.6m to ‘democracy development’ programmes in Cuba in 2016 – on top of $30m already allocated. In the unfolding saga of international relations between Cuba and the US, one thing is clear. The objectives of US imperialism in Cuba remain the same: subvert, distort and destroy socialism. James Bell reports.

Obama Makes It Official: He's Going to Cuba Print E-mail

Telesur, February 18, 2016 - The U.S. president announced the news Thursday morning on Twitter. U.S. President Barack Obama will visit Cuba in the coming weeks, he said on his official Twitter account, marking the first trip by a sitting president to the island since 1928.


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