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Canadian Network on Cuba hosts a successful 24-hour Global Virtual Picket demanding: Print E-mail


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A successful 26-hour virtual event was organized by the Canadian Network on Cuba on December 17, 2020 to demand, "Lift the U.S. Blockade on Cuba now!" Throughout the global action people from all around the world united for a dynamic program which included speakers, video greetings, documentary films & performances of music and poetry. It should be noted that the action was planned for 24-hours, however due to the great number of messages received, the program was extended to 26-hours.

More than 1,000 people from 50 countries/nationalities, representing over 200 organizations, and spanning 6 continents joined throughout the+ action. As of December 21, 2020, videos of the livestream on Facebook now have over 5,850 total views.

People of 50 countries and nations participated including: Argentina, Australia, Bangladesh, Belgium, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, Dominican Republic, England, El Salvador, France, Germany, Georgia, Ghana, Greece, Guinea Bissau, Honduras, India, Italy, Ireland, Jamaica, Kazakhstan, Mexico, Musqueam, Netherlands, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Quebec, Republic of Akhasia, Russia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Scotland, Spain, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Sweden, Tunisia, Ukraine, United States of America, Venezuela, Western Sahara, Yemen, and Zambia.

It was not only a success, but something that the Canadian Network on Cuba plans to build on. We must continue struggling and pushing to make 2021 the final year of the criminal U.S. blockade on Cuba!

The global action came together for 26 hours to condemn the 60 years of cruel and criminal U.S. blockade on Cuba. At the same time, the virtual action promoted the work of Cuban doctors and medical personnel in the Henry Reeve International Medical Brigade and why this brigade is deserving of the Nobel Peace Prize in 2021. The event also praised Cuba for being an important example for the world in its fight against this global Covid-19 pandemic, both internally and internationally. The Canadian Network on Cuba also congratulated the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) for its 60th anniversary coming up this December 30, 2020. Of course, the event was organized on December 17, 2020 specifically to mark six years of the return of all 5 of our Cuban heroes. After 16 years of being held unjustly in U.S. jails, they continue to defend Cuba and defend the dignity of the Cuban people as free men living in Cuba today.

The Canadian Network on Cuba would like to thank everyone who participated in this important event and recognize that the success of the event was due to the special support of: Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (ICAP), El Movimiento Colombiano de Solidaridad con Cuba (MCSC), the Ukrainian Committee "Stop the blockade of Cuba", the U.S.-Cuba Normalization Conference Organizing Committee, Australia-Cuba Friendship Society WA, Table de concertation et de solidarité Québec – Cuba, Associazione Nazionale di Amicizia Italia-Cuba, & the National Network on Cuba (NNOC) – U.S.

The Canadian Network on Cuba is committed to continuing to organize virtual events on the 17th of every month and looks forward to joining together once again on January 17, 2021. We hope that you will continue to join us!

In Solidarity,
Tamara Hansen
Executive Member of the Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) & Central organizer of the 24-hour virtual event

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Part 4 https://www.facebook.com/449671945125636/videos/447282292932256

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