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How I Spent My Vacation Print E-mail

How I Spent My Vacation with the Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade to Cuba Volunteering, Solidarity, Education and Fun!

Cuba is so full of life! The people, the politics, the arts, the culture, the nights, the mornings, the children, the elders, the streets, even the soil of their organic gardens…so full of life! Somehow it all mixes and moves together in ways which make you forget about sleep and language barriers as you dive into it all.

Tales of Terror: The U.S. War on Cuba Print E-mail

Panel discussion followed by Q&A

with acclaimed journalists Keith Bolender & Stephen Kimber


7pm, Thursday, February 7

Room 302, Dalhousie Student Union Building

6136 University Avenue

87th Monthy Protest Action 2013 Print E-mail

Free the Cuban 5 Now!

Tuesday February 5th - 4 pm

Reflections on the 20th Annual Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade Print E-mail

By: Petr Liakhov

What is Cuba? Ask the average American, and it is very likely that you will hear some variation on JFK’s “imprisoned island” hokum, where that small island is described as a testament to the bearded tyranny that is seemingly endemic to the developing world. Ask the average Canadian and you will probably hear a description of softly lapping waves, cheap but delicious rum, and how they bought a t-shirt with some fellow named Che on it for only $10. But if you were to leave the privileged confines of the West, if you were to go to the villages of Angola, to the streets of South Africa, or to the Barrios of Venezuela, you would hear about the shining example that Cuba presents in the face of Empire. You would hear about the sacrifices that the  Cuban people have made and still make, sacrifices in the name of solidarity with the people who Franz Fanon called “the wretched of the Earth”.  All of this in mind, a question emerges: what is Cuba?  And which description is right?

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