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The Free the Cuban 5 Committee Vancouver joins the worldwide joy and celebration of this major breakthrough in the case of the Cuban 5 Heroes and especially René González.

Today, on May 3rd 2013, Judge Joan Lenard signed the order to allow René González to remain in Cuba for the remaining portion of his three-year parole, and of course he can continue to remain in Cuba thereafter. Currently René González is in Cuba, where he was visiting for the memorial service of his father who recently passed away.

This great victory is felt with joy, happiness, sweat and blood. René has come a long way in this heroic struggle of 14 years against the U.S. injustice system. We feel and understand this great victory. Nevertheless, we must immediately remind ourselves that we still need to go for another four victories until all of our five heroic Cuban brothers are freed. We need to remind ourselves that one battle has been won and four more big battles continue to be fought. Without a doubt René’s freedom will give us tremendous energy, inspiration and hope to fight for the freedom of Gerardo Hernández, Antonio Guerrero, Ramón Labañino and Fernando González. This is a time when we must come together more than ever to multiply our struggle for the Cuban 5 until they are all freed. We have won a great victory. Needless to say, if we have won this one, we will win the other ones even though a difficult road lies ahead of us. We believe with the united world wide effort we can join the Cuban people in the struggle for the final freedom of the Cuban 5.

We will win!

Free the Cuban 5 Committee Vancouver
May 3rd 2013