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Special Evening with Rosa Jordan,
Author of the Novel: "The Woman She Was"

Friday April 26th at 7pm
Joe’s Café ~ Large North Hall
1150 Commercial Dr. (at William St.)
Vancouver, Canada


Join Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba (VCSC) to welcome distinguished novelist and travel writer Rosa Jordan to Vancouver. Rosa, who lives in the interior of BC, is coming to present her new book “The Woman She Was,” a novel of love, revolution and history, set in today’s revolutionary Cuba.

About The Woman She Was:

The “Woman She Was” tells of 35-year-old Celia Cantú, a Cuban paediatrician whose day-to-day life is unremarkable—or so it seems on the surface. She lives in a somewhat rundown apartment in East Havana and is engaged to Luis Lago, a high-level member of the Cuban government she has known since childhood. She enjoys her work and adores Liliana, the 16-year-old niece she is raising. But three things are about to shatter the serene surface of her life.

Celia begins to have hallucinations wherein, for a few seconds at a time, she feels as if she is not herself but Celia Sánchez, the revolutionary heroine for whom she was named. She considers these mental aberrations abnormal but hesitates to seek psychiatric help. Instead, she decides to visit the historic headquarters of the Cuban revolutionary army where Celia Sánchez lived (with Fidel Castro) during the war. Celia Cantú reaches La Comandancia, high in the Sierra Maestra mountains, where she has an encounter with a man that deepens her doubts about her own sanity.

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