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Che is Present in the Struggle of the Peoples of Latin America, says Cuban Commander

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, Oct 8 (acn) Commander of the Revolution Ramiro Valdes, stressed the validity of the ideology of Ernesto Che Guevara in the current struggle of the peoples of Latin America.

In the act for the 45th anniversary of the assassination of the Heroic Guerrilla, the leader referred to the pride Che would feel for the new electoral victory of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

The ceremony was attended also by Ricardo Alarcon, president of the National Assembly of People's Power, and Miguel Diaz-Canel, vice president of the Council of Ministers, all members of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC)

During the ceremony at the Ernesto Guevara Sculptural Ensemble, of this city, where the remains of the Argentine-Cuban doctor and some of his comrades in Bolivia, he evoked the path of Che, from the meeting with Fidel in Mexico, to his guerrilla struggles in other countries.

Valdes highlighted the international projection of the hero, who set a paradigm in the struggles for the world's dispossessed.

He stated that Che is often seen only as a man of action, and that is needed to praise as well his ideas in the development of socialism, when he advocated for proper accounting, raising productivity and the use of moral and material incentives, mobilizing of workers, among other ideas.

The tribute to Che began with a wreath at the statue of the hero and the performance by Vionaika Martinez along the group Danza del Alma of the song “Por los Andes del Orbe” by Tania Castellanos.

The ceremony was attended by students, workers and members of the Ciro Redondo Eight Column, which Che led the invasion to the West.

During the ceremony people enjoyed the performances of troubadour Gerardo Alfonso, with his song “Son los Sueños Todavía”; the Creole Quintet, along with a big band, with the melody Hasta Siempre Comandante by Carlos Puebla.


Cuba Urges UNESCO to Make Changes

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 9 (acn) Cuba urged UNESCO today to make steady changes to become a rejuvenated and vibrant organization, rooted in its founding principles and internationally recognized for its contribution to development.

Juan Antonio Fernandez, Cuba's representative to the Executive Council of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), said this organization needs a change of mind with a new humanism.

Prensa Latina relates that in his address to the 190 session of the Executive Council, held in Paris, Fernandez said that today's world’s main problems remain unresolved, such as the growing gap between rich and poor, lack of job opportunities for young people, poverty, illiteracy and the savage capitalism that cultivates selfishness, war and plunder of natural resources.

Fernandez called to restore the balance between the natural and social sciences, and the use of their contributions in the discussion and solution of economic, political, and social problems.

Cuba´s official said that UNESCO´s default crisis -because of the financial blackmail of its main contributor (USA) - must be taken as an opportunity for structural reform of the organization, making it more efficient so as to regain its leading role in the international arena.

The Cuban diplomat urged UNESCO not to move away from its original programs and not to deviate from its true purpose.


French Association Rejects U.S.Blockade and European Common Position on Cuba

HAVANA , Cuba, Oct 8 (acn) Cuba Cooperation, a French Solidarity-with-Cuba Association, reiterated its rejection of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade and also to the so-called common position of the European Union on Cuba.

The nongovernmental entity emerged in 1995, first as a form of opposition to the U.S. blockade and then to promote collaboration and those goals still remain in force, told Prensa Latina news agency Victor Fernandez, the new president of the association.

The organization adopted a resolution that intends to establish committees to support Cuba in all French territory, to become a national institution.

Fernandez said that the common position is an interventionist policy promoted in 1996 by the then Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, which drastically limits relations with Cuba, and it is a violation of the rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO).

This association brings together politicians, businessmen and people interested in helping the Cuba and they say that there can be constraints on cooperation between peoples.

Fernandez explained that the organization currently carries out several projects, including the water treatment of the Metropolitan Park, in Havana    and the rehabilitation of Tomás Terry Theater, in Cienfuegos, with funding from a French government agency and Veolia Foundation.

Cuba Cooperation also participates in cultural events, exhibitions and launching Literary Prize of Victor Hugo House.

Finally he added that a delegation will visit Cuba in November to inaugurate Cienfuegos trade school and also to analyze cooperation in other    areas.


Cuba Organizes Workshop on 1962 Missiles Crisis

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 9 (acn) The Cuban Academy of History has organized the scientific workshop “50th Anniversary of the October Crisis” considering the historical and political significance of the events of 1962 known as the October Crisis or Missiles Crisis.

Granma newspaper reported that the workshop will start on the 19th, from 9:30 am, in the Hall of Mirrors at the Museum of the Revolution in Havana, with the participation of renowned experts and protagonists of the events.

The program also includes panels that will discuss issues related to the Crisis: reflections and debates 50 years away, Operation Mongoose, the Revolutionary Armed Forces and October 62, The October Crisis and the principled position of Cuba, among others .


Cuba and Brazil Review their Economic Relations

Havana, Cuba, Oct 8 ( acn) Rodrigo Malmierca, Cuban Minister of Foreign Trade and Investment , will meet today in Sao Paulo with Paulo Skaf, president of the Brazilian Federation of Industries, with whom he discussed the progress of the ties between Cuba and Brazil .

Malmierca arrived this Sunday in Sao Paulo to participate in the VII Cuba- Brazil Working Group Meeting for trade and economic relations , said Prensa Latina news agency.

The Cuban Minister is accompanied by deputy ministers, business leaders and diplomats, who will meet with their Brazilians counterparts of tourism , energy and telecommunications.

Cuban Tourism Deputy Minister Xiomara Martinez will talk with Brazilian tour operators to expose the benefits and development of the tourism industry in Cuba .

Cubans have planned contacts with biopharmaceutical entrepreneurs from Sao Paulo, which is considered the main economic and financial center of Brazil.

Cuban delegation is also made up of Ambassador Carlos Rafael Zamora, Marcia Cobas and Rosell Guerra , Deputy Ministers of Health and Basic Industry respectively, as well as banking executives and managers of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology Center.

Cuban official representation will move tomorrow to Brasilia , capital of the South American country , where it will be received by top government officials .

This visit is part of an agreement to improve trade and socioeconomic links undertaken by both governments after the visit to Havana last January by President Dilma Rousseff.

Brazil is Latin America's second trading partner of Cuba , after Venezuela. In 2011 trade between the two countries exceeded 45 percent the previous year , and in the first half of 2012 , there was an increase of eight per cent over the same period of the year before.


US Delegation Speaks with Jurists in Cienfuegos

CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Oct 8 (acn) Students and educators of the US Eastern Kentucky University spoke on Monday with members of the National Association of Jurists in central Cienfuegos province.

During the exchanges, the foreign visitors took an interest in Cuba’s legislative system, environmental laws and higher education.

Chuck Fields, professor of criminal justice, told ACN that these meetings make it possible for students to know more about the country’s reality and hold exchanges with their counterparts.

He said that the group is made up by students of specialties like Ethnographic Studies, History, Africa’s presence in the Americas and Law.

Fields pointed out that, with the purpose of encouraging and preparing them for these meetings he gave them materials on Cuba’s culture and society, as well as on the history of the Revolution.

He stressed that many US citizens ignore aspects of life on the island, which makes these trips more important.

The US professor also underlined that he intends to maintain these visits every year and invite students and professors from other specialties and courses.

Eugenio Mayon, representative of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples in the province, informed that, during their stay, the US visitors will meet with neighbors of a Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR).


Venezuelan Diplomat Highlights Example of Che

SANTA CLARA, Cuba, Oct 8 (acn) Venezuela’s ambassador to Havana, Edgardo Ramirez, said on Monday in this city that attending the ceremony for the 45th anniversary of the assassination of Ernesto Che Guevara had a significance of respect, solidarity and love.

In statements to the press, the diplomat added that at Complex of Monuments named after the Heroic Guerilla you feel a sensation of union, rebelliousness and above all of strength against the Empire.

Che’s example has special value, both for the peoples of Cuba and Venezuela and also for mankind as a whole, for which he represents for peace, justice and liberation against a colonizers, he expressed.


Cuban Women’s Federation Has New Leader

HAVANA, Cuba , Oct 8 (acn) Teresa Amarelle Boué was elected Secretary General of the Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC), replacing Yolanda Ferrer Gómez, who has led the grassroots organization for five years.

Amerelle Boué, 48, was the First Secretary of the Communist Party in the eastern province of Las Tunas, and she is a major in History and Social Sciences, with several years of experience as a teacher.

According to Granma newspaper, the FMC Plenary acknowledged the leadership of Ferrer Gomez, who for many years performed several roles in the organization with great responsibility and dedication.

Meanwhile Amerelle Boué is a member of the Central Committee of the Communist Party (PCC) and a Deputy in the Cuban National Assembly of the People´s Power.

The Plenary was presided over by the Second Secretary of the PCC Jose Ramon Machado Ventura.