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Cuban Election Preparations Starts Crucial Week

Havana, Sep 30 (Prensa Latina) Preparations in Cuba for the election of delegates to 168 municipal assemblies of People''s Power (local governments) on October 21 came on Sunday in a decisive week.

After officially ending on Saturday of nominations of candidates for districts that will integrate municipal governments, on Sunday begins publishing of their photographs and biographies in high voter attendance.

The step is considered of great importance, because the effective 1992 Electoral Act prevents propaganda and proselytizing promises of the candidates for seats.

On Monday will begin the training of more than 200 000 members of the electoral commissions and the members of the 29,000 polling stations set up for this first phase of the general elections.

Preparations will be attended by more 72 000 500 members of the electoral commissions and the more than 150 000 members of the polling stations, according to the newspaper Juventud Rebelde.

Until the October 9, people with electoral rights, over 16 years old and not court or mentally disabled, will verify if their data in the lists are correct or if it is necessary any exclusions or inclusions.

So far the electoral roll has more than eight million people enrolled, though a process that occurs automatically upon people reach the age of majority (16 years), which includes about 200 000 young people who will vote for the first time.


Angola Highlights Cuban Cooperation in Health

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (acn)  José Van Dunem, Angolan Health minister, said today in Luanda he considered fundamental Cuban cooperation in this field to allow improving quality of life of  that African country’s population.

In statements to Prensa Latina news agency Van Dunem said Cuban cooperation is highly appreciated by Angolan authorities.

He noted that within two years the impact in Angola of the Cuban Medicine teaching system will be higher when the first physicians graduate in the five faculties created in the country, which features Cuban professors´ advice.

Van Dunem expressed that in medical schools in several Cuban provinces there are students of his country and added that Cuban pharmacists help drugs reach the 18 Angolan provinces especially to those where they are really needed.

On the other hand, the minister dubbed as very important Cuban collaborators´ contribution in malaria vector control in many communities and also highlighted the improvement of the information system in the national public health system.


Cuba Changed our Lives, said Ethiopian Professionals

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (ACN) Ethiopian professionals, who graduated in Cuba, said that their stay on the island changed their lives and allowed them to contribute to their country’s progress.

In statements to PL news agency following his attendance of the 4th African Congress in Solidarity with Cuba, Getachew Eyob said that the island’s support of his country not only allowed achieving territorial integrity against the Somali invasion, but also the training of many professionals and technicians.

Eyob, who headed the Congress’ organizing committee, said he took high school in Cuba and later he graduated as a microbiologist from the University of Havana. He said he returned to Ethiopia prepared to undertake different health-related missions.

The Ethiopian professional said he is now working at the Infectious Diseases Department under the National Institute of Health Research, particularly dealing with T.B. He regretted that millions of people in the world are currently suffering from that contagious disease.

The Cuban Revolution has had a favorable impact on the professional development of  many African nations, in all sectors, said Eyob, who also stressed the need for the immediate lifting of the US economic blockade of Cuba.

Other Ethiopian professionals, who graduated from different disciplines in Cuba also expressed their support of the island and the release of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the United States.

Zerthun Gathun said he not only became a veterinary doctor but also a person with an internationalist vocation.

Over 1 500 Ethiopians graduated from Cuban education centers and they are now contributing to the social and economic development of their country.

The Solidarity-with-Cuba Conference was held at the headquarters of the African Union with the participation of 129 delegates from 27 nations. Its final declaration condemned the US blockade of Cuba and demands the immediate release of Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Ramon Labanino, known as the Cuban Five.


Panamanians Reiterate Solidarity with Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (ACN) The 13th Panamanian Forum in Solidarity with Cuba wound up in the city of Penonome, Panama, after two days of sessions by members of solidarity movements from nine provinces.

The event was attended by the first vice-president of the Cuban Friendship Institute (ICAP), Elio Gamez and by the director of the ICAP Latin America division, Roberto Cesar Hamilton.

Also at hand were the general secretary of the University of Panama, Miguel Angel Candanedo, Cuban ambassador to Panama Reinaldo Calviac and other diplomats.

In his closing remarks of the forum, Gamez thanked delegates from around Panama for their attendance and invited them to keep up with their enthusiasm in meeting the agreements reached at the conference, while the general secretary of the University of Panama presented a statement in favor of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in the United States for 14 years now.

Participants also debated issues related to the forum’s final declaration, the US economic blockade of Cuba, the case of the Cuban Five and the plan of action adopted by the conference.


Ban Ki-moon Met Cuban Foreign Minister

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (ACN) United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met on Saturday with Cuban foreign minister Bruno Rodriguez, who is participating at the UN General Assembly annual debates.

During the meeting, the Cuban government official stressed the role that the international organization must play in favor of the preservation of peace and security on the basis of the principles and goals stipulated by the UN Charter, PL news agency reported from the United Nations.

The Cuban foreign minister explained Ki-moon about the consequences of the reinforced US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba, particularly its impact on the island’s financial sector.

The UN Secretary General announced the upcoming presentation of the Cuban report titled Necessity of Ending the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.

For the 21st year in a row, the UN General Assembly will vote the Cuban resolution under that title on November 13. The document has been overwhelmingly approved by the international community over the past two decades.

Minister Rodriguez underscored the setting up of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) by explaining that it is a new and genuine Latin American organization aimed at peace, development and the sovereignty of the states over their natural resources.

During the meeting, at the UN headquarters in New York, Ban ki-moon stressed the significant contribution by Cuba to Colombia’s peace efforts and its meeting of the Millennium Development Goals.

Ki-moon also underscored the participation by the president of Cuba’s Environment Agency Gisela Alonso at the high-level UN panel on the development agenda after 2015.


Renowned Jurist Criticizes the U.S.A. for the case of The Five

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 29 (acn) Renowned Puerto Rican lawyer Vanessa Ramos, president of the American Association of Jurists (AAJ), described as unethical the US stance in the case of the five Cuban heroes arbitrarily condemned in that country.

The payment by the US government to journalists to influence the public opinion and the jury during the trial against these patriots was a gross impropriety, the AAJ leader told the Prensa Latina news agency.

The AAJ is a non-governmental organization with consultative statute at the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.

For several years now, Ramos has been following the cause of Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Rene Gonzalez (known internationally as The Five), who were arrested in Miami in September, 1998.

The jury described as very important the new evidence presented at the court of first instance on the bad conduct of the district attorney’s office, which evidently influenced the public opinion in Miami –where the trial was held- and the jury.

The case of The Five is not merely judicial but essentially political she stressed.

We’re talking about antiterrorist patriots who wanted to prevent criminal acts against their country and against the United Estates, specified Ramos, who lives in New York.

The lawyer, who attended a seminar on human rights in the Chilean capital sponsored by the organization she’s heading, underlined that President Barack Obama has the legal authority to pardon them.

It’s very important -she underlined- that at the international level, particularly in US soil,  mobilizations continue, in order to achieve their return to Cuba, concluded the lawyer.


African Peoples Thank Fidel for his Contributions to Mankind

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept 29 (acn) Tomas Mechera, Minister of Public Health and Social Welfare of Ecuatorial Guinea, thanked Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro on Friday for his contributions in the interests of humanity, including the African peoples.

During the closing ceremony of the LABIOFAM 2012 International Congress, a meeting that brought together in this capital over 600 delegates and guests from some 40 countries, the visitor highlighted Cuba’s advances in biomedical science research, put at the service of people in need.

Cuba, with scarce resources and the economic, commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States for over half a century now, is above many states in terms of public health indicators, he emphasized.

The African peoples have a great moral debt with Fidel and the Cuban people, asserted Mechera, after praising programs to prevent and control vectors, and particularly in sub-Saharan Africa, and in the struggle to wipe out malaria con bio-pesticides produced by the LABIOFAM Business Group.


Cuba Guarantees Employment for Youth with Disabilities

Havana, Oct1 (Prensa Latina) The employment for more than 1,000 youth with disabilities in Cuba is a guarantee, Special Education officials told the press today.

According to Moraima Orozco, national director of that teaching, the Ministries of Education, and Work and Social Security ensure blind, deaf, people with physical limitations, and those with mental disease, a training in skills required for the performance of trades.

Depending on the labor demand, both institutions determine the necessary workshops in schools, Orozco told Trabajadores newspaper.

Special Education methodologist Osmel Garrido stated that job training of students adapt to new forms of employment, taking into account the changes the country has implemented.

Garrido acknowledged as a challenge the maintenance of education quality provided to people with special educational needs.

He also ratified the fundamental mission of his sector, consisting of ensuring the social integration of students, and prepare them for life.