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Macabre Accusations Against Cuba, Denounce Granma Daily

Havana, Jul 31.- Foreign and U.S. media are putting on a "macabre show," accusing Cuba of having committed a political murder in a traffic accident where two Cuban citizens were killed, the Granma newspaper reported today.

In the article "La verdad y la razon" (The Truth and The Reason), the daily states that over 900 reports and 120,000 messages were published on the internet on July 22 about an unfortunate traffic accident that occurred that day, in which two Cubans died and two young men, one from Spain and another from Sweden, were injured.

"Only the most vociferous from the annexationist Miami Mafia have accused Cuba of having carried out a political murder," the paper says, noting that U.S. Republican candidate Mitt Romney, the Department of State, and the spokesman of the Chilean Presidency were among those requesting "a transparent investigation."

Granma recalled that a press release from the Interior Ministry published on July 27, put such insinuations to rest, with irrefutable testimonies by experts and eyewitnesses, including the two foreign men involved in the tragic accident.

"The immaculate history of a Revolution that triumphed and has been defended for 50 years without a single extrajudicial execution, without a single disappeared, tortured, kidnapped person, without a single terrorist action, has been well-established," the text states. It also reiterates that it is not Cuba, but the United States, which holds a disgraceful record when it comes to political killings and extrajudicial executions.

There is also abundant evidence that the U.S. government is continuing its policy of "regime change" in Cuba, through its economic, political and media blockade and subversion against the island. Granma pointed out that the media-financial monopoly, which has a tradition of defaming Cuba, presented the events by concentrating on extolling the so-called "freedom fighters" without the least respect for ethical guidelines or the loss of human lives in the incident.

"The sun cannot be blocked out by a single finger: despite (foreign media) censorship and manipulation, it is well known that, in our country, the counterrevolution has always been and is mercenary. They are vulgar agents that the U.S. government and its allies pay, supply and train. They betray their country for few cents," the article states.

The most interesting thing in the disproportionate press coverage is that it ignores the real objective of the visit to Cuba of the two European politicians injured in the accident.

Granma explains that Angel Carromero Barrios, driver of the car, was not a Spanish tourist as claimed, but an Assistant Secretary of New Generations, the youth wing of the People’s Party in Spain, close to notorious anti-Cubans such as former President Jose Maria Aznar, and Esperanza Aguirre, president of the Madrid Community.

The other passenger was Jens Aron Modig, leader of the Swedish Democratic and Christian Party, emulating the ultra-conservative U.S. "Tea Party," and president of his Youth League, with links, among other anti-Cuban organizations, to the International Republican Institute and those who harass the Caribbean country from the US rightwing.

Barrios and Modig entered Cuba on July 19 with tourist visas, and secretly, in violation of their immigration status, engaged in purely political activities against the constitutional order, as part of an operation to finance the counterrevolutionary Christian Liberation Movement, presided over by Oswaldo Paya, one of the deceased in the accident.

Between 2009 and 2012 alone, the State Department and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) have received public financing valued at $75 million USD for subversive programs against Cuba, Granma notes.

Cuban President Raul Castro recently said that "the United States is unceasing in its effort to create a fifth column on Cuban soil and in the use of new technologies with subversive purposes."

The most reactionary and violent groups in Miami are unceasing in their incitements to "rebellion" against the government that the Cuban people have chosen freely and independently. They dream about destabilizing the country, creating conditions to repeat what occurred in Libya or Syria, in order to trigger a U.S. military intervention, said the paper. (PL)


Swedish Man Brought 4,000 Euros for Illegal Organization in Cuba

Havana, July 30.- Swedish young man Jens Aron Modig, involved in a accident that resulted in the death of two people, revealed today that he had brought 4,000 euros for an illegal organization in violation of Cuban laws.

We don´t make such funding to organizations in other countries," Modig admitted in remarks to reporters at the Department of International Relations and Cooperation of the Interior Ministry.

As he explained that this was his second trip to Cuba, Modig, who is the president of the Social Democratic Youth of the Christian Democratic Party of Sweden, said he made the two trips under instructions of the party´s international department.

He added that objectives of his trip included meeting with Oswaldo Paya, a leader of an illegal organization who died in the accident in Granma province, eastern Cuba, some 800 km from Havana.

He was also supposed to meet with members of Paya´s movement and support and accompany him in any trip he wanted to make.

"I would like to apologize for coming to this country to carry out illegal activities," said Modig, who, questioned by journalists on this regard said that his apologies were sincere.

"In this case my apologies are sincere; all the Cubans I have met have been kind to me and have treated me well. This is my answer," he stressed.

I understood how serious the activities carried out were when I talked with the police officers, said the politician, who had given money and equipment already to counterrevolutionary journalists in 2009, according to his own words.

Referring to the car accident on July 22, he said he did not recalled any other car involved in it.


Raul Castro Heads Pilgrimage of the People of Santiago de Cuba

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, July 30.- Army General Raul Castro, First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party and President of the councils of State and Ministers, headed on Monday afternoon the pilgrimage of the people of Santiago de Cuba in memory of the 55 th anniversary of the assassination of Frank Pais and Raul Pujol.

Accompanying Raul, leading the large number of Santiago de Cuba residents, was Jose Ramon Machado Ventura, First Vice-president of the councils of State and Ministers, and other leaders of the Party and the national and provincial governments.

The streets were decked with Cuban and 26 of July flags, while persons from all generations and walks of life threw flower petals to the people passing by the streets of this city in the pilgrimage.

The tribute was paid at the two places linked to the farewell to the underground combatants: at the house on Heredia and Clarin streets where the wake for Frank was held, and the former La Colonia Española Sanatorium, the chapel of which received the lifeless body of Pujol.

The main meeting to mark the Day of the Martyrs of the Homeland took place after the placing of a wreath by the tomb of Frank Pais, on behalf of Fidel and Raul Castro.

At Callejón del Muro (Rampart Lane), where these revolutionary young men died, wreaths were laid this morning, as men and women gathered in their workplaces in tribute to the heroes.

Frank Pais, barely 22 at the time, was the head of action and sabotage for the July 26 Movement, the major political force fighting the Batista regime, responsible here for the death of some 20,000 people.

This homage extends to all martyrs of the Revolution because Rene Ramos Latour, who replaced Pais as leader in this eastern city, was killed a year later, also on July 30. (ACN/PL)


Brazilian Artist Delivers Portrait to Gail Walker. Exhibition “A Universal Embrace”

La Habana.- Helder Becerra, born in the brazilian state of Pernambuco, delivered on Monday a donation of a portray under his authorship paying homage to the Reverend Lucius Walker, to his daughter Gail, Head of the group of caravanists Pastors for Peace, movement that he himself encouraged.

The portrait recreates the embrace given by Commander in Chief Fidel and the late Lucius Walker, who was founder of the US – Cuba friendship caravans, which the 23rd edition is currently fulfilling its program of solidarity that is going to end on Tuesday in Havana.

Becerra expressed his satisfaction and joy with the delivery of his work of art to the offpring of Lucius Walter, restless fighter against the US economic blockade on Cuba.

The delivery of the work took place in the House of Friendship, during the opening for the first time in Cuba of  the portrait exhibition titled “A universal embrance”, that features images of Fidel Castro with well-known figures in history, as an expression of  the dimensions of solidarity of the Cuban revolutionary process.

Kenia Serrano, President of the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, attended the ceremony, in which Lea Maria Rivero, on behalf of the institution, emphasized that the self-taught painter since she was in her teens struggled against social injustice taking Cuba and the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro as an exemplary benchmark of dignity


Pastors for Peace Caravan Returns USA

Havana.- Members of the 23rd Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan will return today to the United States, after a 10-day stay in Cuba in which they shared with the people and visited sites of interest.

The solidarity group arrived in this nation on July 21, after touring 100 U.S. cities in which they collected 100 tons of humanitarian aid in materials destined to sectors such as health and education.

During their stay here, Gail Walker and Luis Barrios, co-directors of the Caravan, told Prensa Latina that the continuity of the solidarity movement with Cuba is a must for people with conscience.

Barrios demonstrated on behalf of the group the will to continue the struggle to break the Washington-imposed economic, trade and financial blockade for over 50 years.

The religious group paid tribute in this country to Reverend Lucius Walker, who died in September 2010. He was the main promoter of the movement that is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

They also received the recognition "La utilidad de la virtud" (Virtue utility), the highest decoration granted by the Jose Marti Cultural Society to prominent figures and institutions that promote and defend the foundations of the Cuban nation.

The members of the solidarity group were also informed in workshops about the updating of the economic model developed in the island, and the conditions and prospects of the Cuban society.

Their agenda here also included the meeting with relatives of Gerardo Hernandez, Rene Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez, the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in U.S. prisons, for monitoring terrorist groups based in Miami.

They also visited other Cuban provinces such as Matanzas (west) and Villa Clara (center), in which they toured some sites of interest, and took part in the celebration for the Day of National Rebellion, as July 26 is known in Cuba.

The U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment Caravans began in 1992, as a project against the blockade through which 100 activists visited the country in that initial trip.

Wheelchairs, medicines, first aid kits, and educational and sports articles are some of the products donated to Cuba by the movement, which this time collected 100 tons of humanitarian aid. (PL)


Pastors for Peace Pay Homage to Heroine Celia Sanchez

HAVANA, Cuba.- The activists with the 23rd US-Cuba Pastors for Peace Friendshipment Caravan paid tribute on Sunday to Cuban Heroine Celia Sanchez at a monument raised in her honor at Havana’s Lenin Park.

The activists were briefed on the work of Celia, whom the Cuban people gave all their affection, and her promotion of the project to set up the large recreational park 40 years ago, on the initiative of Fidel Castro.

Park director Annia Masino thanked the visitors for coming to the facility and stressed their struggle against the US economic blockade of Cuba.

Aleida Guevara, daughter of Ernesto Che Guevara, said at the park that like other works made by the Revolution the facility has the imprint of Celia, who promoted the people’s contact with nature.

The visitors toured the huge and green areas of the Lenin Park and enjoyed the performance of local artists during a program organized by the Cuban Friendship Institute.

The Pastors for Peace activists will conclude their stay in Cuba on Tuesday, July 31.


Cuba Calls for Peaceful Use of Outer Space

Geneva, Jul 31 (Prensa Latina) Cuba stated today at the UN Conference on Disarmament that outer space is a common heritage and should only be explored and put to use for peaceful purposes, and in benefit of all humanity.

In his speech at the Conference on Disarmament, Cuban representative Juan Antonio Quintanilla said his country will support the negotiation of a legally binding treaty to totally prohibit the possibility of developing an arm race in outer space.

Quintanilla recalled that all states have the inalienable right to access outer space for research and peaceful uses, based on a 1967 treaty.

"Therefore, it is natural that its security should be our common objective," he said.

The Cuban delegate warned that the increasing growth of activities outside the atmosphere could generate an increased risk of an arms race.

Quintanilla said that international guidelines agreed by the UN Committee on the Peaceful Use of Outer Space (COPUOS) are simply voluntary confidence building measures and do not create legally binding obligations.

"We hold the criteria that thecurrent legal framework on this issue is insufficient to face all security issues," the Cuban representative stated.

According to Quintanilla, there is a need for legally binding agreements and in that sense, he said that a project presented at the Conference by Russia and China in 2008 is a good basis for further discussion and a possible start for negotiations.


Correa Thanks Cuba for Support in Literacy Teaching Program

HAVANA, Cuba.- Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa thanked Cuba for its help in the national literacy teaching program with the Yes I Can method, to free the country from one of the greatest dictatorships: ignorance.

During his weekly report to citizens, this time in Ibarra, in the province of Imbabura, Correa underlined that the literacy teaching plan is making progress and said that it’s expected to eradicate that scourge in 2013, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

Visibly moved, Correa read some of the letters written by humble citizens who have learned how to read and write, in which they express their gratitude for the Cuban program Yes I Can.

The head of state congratulated all literacy teachers (Ecuadorians and Cubans) and reiterated the support and appreciation of the Ecuadorian government because, he said “you’re making history.” (PL)


Cuban Emergency Health Workers Return from Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba.- The last group of health workers that arrived in Haiti after the earthquake that devastated that nation in January, 2010, returned to Cuba after fulfilling its internationalist mission.

The good performance of the 53 voluntary workers of the Cuban Medical Brigade was acknowledged in a farewell meeting attended by Liliana Garcia, charge d’affaires of the Cuban embassy to Port-au-Prince, and Dr. Alejo Sagol, second head of the Medical Mission.

As part of their mission, the Cuban medical staff also carried out investigations to diagnose and detect cholera, an epidemic that has affected over 500,000 people and caused more than 7,000 deaths in Haiti since the outbreak of October, 2010, according to the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO).

The brigade also worked on the development of an educational program to prevent the disease at active institutions to treat cholera, community reference hospitals, clinics and isolated areas in the country’s ten departments, adds the note.

Cuba’s medical assistance to Haiti began before the occurrence of the earthquake and the epidemic outbreak, and its internationalist mission continues there.    (PL)


Solidarity Brigade with Cuba in Russia

Moscow.- The Artplay Design Center in Moscow was the venue of the screening of the documentary ''Estrategia de Solidaridad'' (Strategy of Solidarity), attended by students, journalists and academicians, diplomatic sources stated today.

Directed by writer and investigator Leonid Savin, the film is a testimony of the work carried out by the 'Jose Marti' international brigades of solidarity that visit Cuba every year.

Those brigades join their work of love and friendship to the island's just battles in defense of sovereignty and independence, against the U.S. blockade and for the release of five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in that northern country, the film stated.

Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez were condemned to long sentences, after a biased trial held in Miami for impeding terrorist actions against Cuba and within the United States.

During the screening of the film, Savin called to continue the work to foster relations of solidarity and friendship between both countries with the creation of an extensive Russian brigade of solidarity.

Cuban mission's counselor Alejandro Simanca thanked the gesture by explaining the development of the world movement of solidarity with Cuba and emphasized some Marti's words, 'only great friends achieve great works.'


Bermoy: First Cuban Medallist in Back-to-Back Olympic Games

HAVANA, Cuba.-  Cuba's first medal in London 2012, like four years ago, was again won by Yanet Bermoy, the small judoka from Cienfuegos province. Silver, as in Beijing 2008, but in a different division (52 kg), in which only she yielded to the pressure of the North Korean An Kum Ae.

"I come her to fight for the title," she warned in the days before the competition and with that conviction she went to the mat in the Excel Center, where she eliminated her rivals one after the other: Mongolian Bundmaa Munkhbaatar, second in the world ranking, by ippon, Marie Muller of Luxembourg, by wazari, and also by that verdict Belgian Ilse Heylen, bronze in Athens 2004.

Bermoy duelled for 5 long minutes and had to go to Golden Score (extra time) where the Asian surprised the Cuban with a leg sweep.


Cuban University Graduates New Doctors for the Third World

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba.-  Some 122 professionals from 17 nations of the world graduated this year at the local medical university in this central Cuban province. The group included medical doctors and medical technology experts mostly from third world nations.

University rector Benerando Sevilla said that over 7 000 professionals, who have retuned to their nations to benefit their people, have graduated from the center, whose current registration includes 917 youths from 52 nations, particularly from Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Paraguayan Ever Amarilla, the best foreign graduate, told PL news agency that he was proud to have studied in Cuba because he learned how to be an integral medical doctor with human and solidarity values.

Amarilla said he aspires to get back to his country and assist poor people with professionalism and the knowledge he received in sister Cuba.

Both foreign and Cuban students are offered the medical courses and all school materials free of charge as well as their food, medical attention and lodging.

The objective of these courses is forming highly-qualified human resources for Third World nations as a contribution to their integral development. (ACN)


Local Constituency Commissions Prepare for Elections

HAVANA, Cuba, July 31 (ACN) All members of over 14 000  district electoral commissions on the island will take a training program, from tomorrow to August 18, on the nomination process as part of their preparation for upcoming general elections.

Some 78 000 constituency members will prepare to organize and lead the nomination of candidates and delegates to municipal assemblies of People’s Power, Juventud Rebelde newspaper reported on Tuesday.

According to the electoral schedule, nomination assemblies will take place in September throughout the island to propose candidates to local governments, who will be picked by their neighbors among those persons they consider as the best qualified and prepared persons to represent them.

Prior to the vote, scheduled for October 21 and 28, the candidates’ biographies and photos will be published in the constituencies so that the people know about their social and working records for the vote.  (ACN)


La Colmenita: A Success in the Land of Tango

HAVANA, Cuba.- At the Teatro del Viejo Mercado, in El Abasto, Buenos Aires, a tango loving area par excellence located near the place where great Carlos Gardel lived and sang, Cuba’s La Colmenita Children’s Theater Company gave over 10 performances full of emotions and public.

The children, Good Will Ambassadors of the UNICEF, directed by Carlos Alberto “Tin” Cremata, arrived in Argentina with the works “And yet it moves” and “Cinderella according to Los Beatles,” to take part in the First Musical Theater Children’s Festival, organized by the Argentinean La Colmenita, a social project inspired by the work of the little Cubans and sponsored by TIP Travel Bureau tour operator, the Web site reported.

The Argentinean children joined their small Cuban brothers and sisters in every performance.   They were also part of the music band that, before each closing, regaled the public with a mini concert -live- of Cuban music.

The program also included workshops, exchanges of experiences, living together with Argentinean families, visits to places of cultural and historic interest, and even a soccer game at the internationally known River Plate Club, where the little Cubans were, amazingly, the winners.

Important Argentinean media echoed this visit. (CAN)