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Graduates from the LatAm Medicine School Meet in Cuba

Havana, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) About 600 graduates from 25 countries of the Latin American Medical School (ELAM) begin today four days of discussions on the impact of their nursing care in communities and to strengthen ties with Cuba. The II International Meeting of Graduates 2012 will also promote scientific discussion, teaching and research in the project founded in 1999 by the leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro.

Professionals from different associations with an integrated vision will meet to work and research together in pursue to multinational programs, Juan Carrizo, Rector of ELAM, said to the National Information Agency (AIN).

Carrizo, who is also President of the Organizing Committee of the forum, added that the event includes a science fair sample of pharmaceuticals and medical equipment developed in Cuba, and a representation of international medical laboratories accredited in Cuba.

As part of the meeting, which will last until Thursday, there will be a photographic exhibition of graduates' associations, which are already 15,000 from 100 nations.


Activities of US Solidarity Brigade Continue in Cuba

Havana, 15 (Prensa Latina) The members of the 43rd Venceremos solidarity brigade continued their activities by visiting places of historical-social interest.

The US contingent that arrived in Cuba on July 8 arrived yesterday to the Julio Antonio Mella international camp, in Caimito, in the western province of Artemisa, after staying in central Cienfuegos and Villa Clara provinces.

They are scheduled to attend lectures on Cuban current situation and take part in the ceremony of welcome for the 23th Pastors for Peace Caravan.

These 31 representatives from 11 US states are also scheduled to meet with relatives of The Cuban Five unfairly held in US prisons since 1998.

Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labanino, Rene Gonzalez and Gerardo Hernandez were given harsh sentences for monitoring Florida-based anti-Cuban groups.

In their activities, the members of the Venceremos Brigade are joining hands with their peers from the Juan Rius Rivera (Puerto Rico) and the Jose Marti (Europe) contingents.


Cuban Parliament to Debate New Tax System Bill

Havana, Jul 15 (Prensa Latina) The Tax System Bill is among the issues to be discussed during the 11th Ordinary Session of the Cuban Parliament, convened for July 23.

The legislative bill will be the focus, along with other issues, of debates by lawmakers of the 7th Legislature of the People's Power National Assembly, to be held at Havana's Conference Center.

According to Granma newspaper, the bill has long been the object of study by the permanent commissions on Economic Affairs, and Constitutional and Judicial Affairs.

That analysis is being made in conjunction with Ministry of Finance and Prices, the National Tax Administration Office and other agencies and the state and government institutions, the daily states.

The proposal has been extensively debated by all legislators in their respective territories, and responds to the need to replace the current Law No. 73 on the Tax System, adopted on August 4, 1994, in correspondence with the changes undergone by the tax system, says the newspaper.

Cuban legislators will also debate reports about the course of the implementation process of agreements from the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party, and the Liquidation of the 2011 State Budget.

The lawmakers will also analyze the implementation of the Economy Plan and Budget in the first semester of 2012 and a report from the Public Health Ministry.

The parliamentarians will previously meet in different working commissions to debate issues such as the update of Cuba's economic model, the energy situation, health and education, and the foreign policy, among other issues.


Cuba Celebrates Children´s Day

Havana, Jul 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuban theaters, movies, squares, parks, streets, sports fields, and beaches today are the stage for activities to celebrate Children´s Day, a festivity in the Island on the third Sunday of July.

It includes outdoor and indoor shows, contests, festivals, and dance, as well as reading and new technology and communication activities.

According to the vice president of the Jose Marti Pioneer Organization, Manuel Valera, the country´s 15 provinces will carry out activities for the children.

In a statement to the National News Agency, Valera said this is a special day with lots of reasons for happiness because everything here is made for the wellbeing and defense of the children´s right to life.

Valera recalled that the third Sunday of July festivity was proposed by the children themselves during a meeting with Cuban Revolution leader Fidel Castro, in 1974.


Top Cuban Athletes are Already in the Olympic Village

London, Jul 16 (Prensa Latina) The first 48 Cuban athletes who will take part in the London Games-2012 are already in the Olympic Village, the press reported today.

In addition to the athletes, this initial group, one of the two expected, is fomred by coaches and members of the federations of cycling, diving, archery, shooting, rowing, table tennis and weightlifting.

The first Cuban group is headed Christian Jimenez, president of the National Institute of Sports, Physical Education and Recreation, and Norge Marrero, director of High Performance Director of the same entity.

The Cuban delegation comprises 110 athletes in 14 disciplines, with its main winning card in the Greco-Roman wrestler and champion, Mijain Lopez, winner of the previous edition of Beijing-2008.


Successful Cuban La Colmenita Debut in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires, July 15 (Prensa Latina) Cuban children theater company La Colmenita captivated the demanding Argentinian audience, who applauded and fully enjoyed every minute the performance of ''Cinderella according to the Beatles'' on Saturday.

Their successful debut corroborated what a few minutes before the performance at the Old Market Theater, Carlos Alberto Cremata, director of the company told Prensa Latina: "The high sensitivity of the Argentinians for the show makes them react like no one would do." I have stressed to my staff the importance of this debut in Argentina, a country that is the master of theater and entertainment in the continent, Cremata said, from whom performances here is like "going to the home of the top dance."

He noted that in the Havana venue, and in its 30 years of existence, La Colmenita had performed for audiences all over the world, but none had reacted with the sensitivity of the Argentinians, he said.

The Cuban children company, proclaimed by UNICEF as Goodwill Ambassador, will perform in the First Children's Musical Theater Festival organized by the Argentinian chapter of The Colmenita, a social non-profit project that conducts the tour operator Travel Bureau TIP.

Besides 'Cinderella according to the Beatles', which recreates the famous music group from Liverpool mixed with the traditional version of Cinderella, we will also play our major work, 'Y sin embargo se mueve' (And yet it moves), the director said.

This is a piece designed for teens and adults, with texts by Russian playwright Alexander Jmelnik and music by Silvio Rodriguez, and reflects the need of the human being to question everything and the right to dream freely.

The program of the First Children's Musical Theater Festival also includes 'Sí, pero ya no' (Yes, but no) and 'Juegos y canciones' (Games and Songs') by the Argentinian Colmenita, and from the classic children's literature 'La Cucarachita Martina' ( Martina Cockroach), played by 'beekeepers'(as they call the children actors and actresses) from Argentina and Cuba.

In addition, the group Vuelo en V -from the northern Argentinian province of Tucuman- will present Derechos torcidos (Crooked Rights), a memorable work by Hugo Midon, who is considered an indisputable leader of musical child comedy in this South American nation.


Cuban University Reports Largest Graduation in History

Santiago de Cuba, Jul 14 (Prensa Latina) By graduating 4,915 professionals on Saturday, the University of Oriente, the second oldest in Cuba, reported the largest number of graduates in its 65 years.

According to data provided to Prensa Latina by the direction of that educational center, 878 students graduated from the regular daytime course, 327 from the courses for workers, 1,250 from distance courses and 2,640 from the universalization of higher education.

The largest number of students graduated from economic and entrepreneurial sciences, social and humanistic sciences, electric engineering and construction.

From the total, 304 students graduated summa cum laude.

In its 65 years, the University of Oriente, in the city of Santiago de Cuba, has graduated more than 54,000 bachelors and engineers, mainly from all five eastern provinces and from other countries, who have benefited from a high teaching level and free education.

Among the new graduates are 32 foreigners from 20 African, Latin American and Caribbean countries, as part of Cuba´s collaboration with other peoples.


Cuban and Peruvian Singers Join Voices for the Five

HAVANA, Cuba, July 16 (ACN)  The Legislative Palace in Lima, Peru, will host  a concert on Monday by Cuban and Peruvian singers in demand of the return to the island of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the U.S. since 1998.

Songwriters and singers Vicente Feliu and Pepe Ordaz will join his voices with Peruvian Piero Bustos and Jean Vismara in the homage concert dedicated to  Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez,  internationally known as the Cuban Five, PL news agency reported.

The five anti-terrorists declared Heroes of the Republic of Cuba, were arrested in 1998 and submitted to a biased trial in the city of Miami which gave them extremely long and unfair sentences after they monitored US-based ultra-right groups that have undertaken terrorist actions against Cuba over the past fifty years.

The concert will join a forum, organized by socialist lawmaker Javier Diez and the Peruvian Committee in Solidarity with the Five to spread the truth of their case and demand their release.