News on Cuba - May 8, 2012 Print

Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade still in Cuba

The XX Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade made up of 45 members is to remain in Cuba until next may 17th in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin. This voluntary work brigade has been organized by Canadian Network of Solidarity with Cuba.

Friends of Cuba visited the Hospital Lucia Iniguez, Biran and Guardalavaca beach, and made a day of volunteer work in the neighborhood of San Fiel in the building of homes for the disaster-stricken cuban citizen in Holguin.


Mirta Rodríguez: One day without struggling for the freedom of The Five is a setback in its advance to achieve this purpose

"We have a daily campaign to wage for the freedom of The Five. For me, one day without struggling for the freedom of the Five is a setback in its advance to achieve this purpose. And a delay in this battle is really harmful for me, because that would wither the glimmer of hope I have, and saddens me, and I get discouraged. The fact that I am called on to the daily combat results in a feedback, a source of energy and as I’m always surrounded by friends, that makes yourself feel you’re not alone in this battle”, stated to  Venezuelan News Agency (VNA), Mirta Rodriguez, mother of Antonio Guerrero, one of Five Cuban heroes imprisoned in U.S.

"It’s a humble struggle, that one, the Five’s relatives are waging. Mothers wage an everlasting battle for their children. I am running out of time though, because in the upcoming days I am turning into 80 years of age and I started this battle at the age of 66”, she affirms.

She can contacts his son througout phone calls being made from the the medium security prison in Marianna, in the state of Florida.

"We remain deeply hopeful in the Internacional Movement of Solidarity, every morning battle is a hope for us”, she said.


The Cuban Five Committee for release of the cuban antiterrorists in Brazilian Amazon

Brasilia. - The Committee of Solidarity with Cuba and the release of The Five was created Saturday in the Brazilian state of Amapa, composed by legislators and representatives of political, social groups, social labor parties, and trade unions of that territory.

Amapa is one of the nine Amazonian states of Brazil and its capital, Macapa, is the unique without overland connection with none of the remaining state capitals. It is bathed by the Amazon River and has national exclusivity of being traversed by the imaginary line of Ecuador.


Demands Freedom for the Cuban Five in El Salvador

San Salvador. – Organizations from El Salvador demanded the U.S. for freedom of five Cubans imprisoned in that country for over 13 years.

The claim was reprised by members of the committee of Solidarity Apopa-Cuba and Youngsters living in Apopa, which is a municipality, located about 15 kilometers north of the capital.


Cuba's breakthroughs in the Biotechnology field is highlighted in the Dominican Republic

Eddy Martinez, director of the Center for Exports and Investment of the Dominican Republic, Highlighted in Santo Domingo that the main achievement of Cuba in the field of biotechnology is the systematic and non-partial vision of the scientific development.

Martinez made such an assertion by presenting Dr. Luis Herrera, director of the Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology of Cuba (IGBC), who delivered a lecture on the progress and development of that branch on the Island.


Song of Peace in the Romerias de Mayo cultural festival in Holguin

With a song of peace and unity of the people ended close to break of dawn on Tuesday the nineteenth edition of The Romerías de Mayo cultural festival, that was set for five days in the city of Holguin with a turnout of local and foreign guests, and participation in some of the activities of the XX Ernesto Che Guevara Volunteer Work Brigade.

This cultural event, acknowledged as one of the most well-known in the country for its various activities and the large number of participants began 19 years ago by rescuing traditions on the part of the Association of young creators, Hermanos Saiz.


International Tourism Fair of Cuba, in Cayo Santa Maria

Santa Clara May 8. - With the traditional meetings held by specialists and business rounds begins the XXXII International Tourism Fair FITCUBA 2012, that for the first time has the headquarters of Cayo Santa Maria, as a venue.

The event, which will extend until next day 11, is dedicated to Argentina, a country represented by a large delegation that includes personalities from the Institute of Promotion of Tourism, specialized publications and tour operators of the southern nation.