News on Cuba - April 30, 2012 Print

Friends Accompany Cubans on May Day

Friends from different parts of the world are to take part in the upcoming May Day parade alongside the cuban people. This special date marks the International Workers Day and constitutes the occasion to reaffirm our revolutionary stance born out in the parades carried out in the Revolution Square “Jose Marti” in Havana, and the main boroughs of the provinces and the municipal capitals.

At 7: 30 in the morning, the central parade in Havana, will begin with a block of more than 50 thousand workers belonging to the health sector, engaged in its retrofitting and uphold firmly the international missions in a spate of countries.

An onslaught of foreign guests will merge into the diverse crowd with the members of The VII International May Day Brigade, organized by the Cuban Institute of Friendship with the Peoples. The brigade is currently lodged in the International Camp Julio Antonio Mella, located in Caimito.

The XX Che Guevara Brigade, that arrived Monday to Holguin, will also partake in the proletarian feast, and is to march in the solidarity bloc.

On the upcoming May Day, cubans are going to reaffirm their commitment to the fulfilling of the Guidelines of the economic and social policy of the Cuban Party and the revolution. They will also call for the lifting of the ruthless US blockade against Cuba, and the immediate release of The Cuban Five unjustly held in US jails.

The Cubans will manifest their firm stance to continue struggling to preserve and develop socialism.

Salvador Valdes Mesa, General Secretary of the Confederation of Cuban Workers, said that the mobilization on this Tuesday, May 1st, will be a further demonstration of the indestructible unity of workers and people canvassing for the revolution and the Communist Party, Fidel and Raul.

The celebrations will also bear out the commitment of every Cuban citizen to face the mammoth challenges that come along with the retrofitting of the Cuban economic model and the decision to preserve and develop socialism.


The Washington Post Publishes Ad Demanding Freedom for the Cuban Five

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 30 (acn) Readers of The Washington Post opened the Monday, April 30, edition of this daily to see a full-page ad demanding freedom for the five Cuban antiterrorists unjustly held in the United States since 1998.

The ad, an effort spearheaded by the National Committee to Free the Cuban Five and supported by more than 325 organizations and individuals who raised the funds to publish it, quotes prominent political leaders and human-rights organizations.

The list includes Lt. Col. Lawrence Wilkerson, former Chief of Staff for Colin Powell during his tenure as U.S. Secretary of State; former U.S. president Jimmy Carter; former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark; Miguel D’Escoto, U.N. General Assembly president from 2008 to 2011; Pulitzer Prize-winning author Alice Walker; 10 Nobel Prize recipients; Amnesty International; and the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detentions.

The U.S. government’s misconduct in the political prosecution of the Five —as Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino and Rene Gonzalez are internationally known—is exposed in the ad as well.

“Every inch of newspaper coverage, every minute of television and radio coverage about the Cuban Five’s anti-terrorist mission and the campaign for their freedom has been a struggle. This is why we decided a full-page ad was needed in the Washington Post, to demand that the political establishment, from President Obama to Congress members to the Justice Department, right this terrible injustice and free the Five,” said Gloria La Riva, coordinator of the National Committee. “We are deeply appreciative of so many people who helped make the publication of this ad possible.”

The National Committee published its first full-page ad in The New York Times on March 3, 2004, in what was up to that point the biggest exposure of the Five’s case in the media. Since then, it has helped to publish other ads, and conducted numerous press conferences as part of a much larger media strategy designed to break through the wall of silence surrounding the case.

The Cuban Five were arrested and given harsh and unjust sentences after a flawed trial in Miami, where they were monitoring anti-Cuba extremist groups that were planning and carrying out terrorist attacks against the Caribbean nation.

Hernandez, Guerrero, Labañino and Fernando Gonzalez remain in prison, while Rene Gonzalez —after 13 years of imprisonment— was released on parole, but he was forced to stay in Florida for three years.

The Post is the most read newspaper in the Washington, D.C., “beltway” with the sixth largest reach in the country. Daily print circulation is 545,345 and estimated readership is 1,080,000. According to the Nielsen Ratings company, it is the most read newspaper in Congress and the Executive branch, and the only newspaper that political leaders in Washington read on a busy day.

“Letting the people of the U.S. know about the wrongful imprisonment of the Cuban Five is the most important task for winning their liberation,” said National Committee member Chris Banks.


Che Guevara International Solidarity Brigade Arrived in Cuba

HOLGUIN, Cuba, Apr 30 (acn) The 20th contingent of the Che Guevara International Solidarity Brigade arrived in the eastern Cuban province of Holguin on Sunday to participate in the local May Day celebrations to mark International Workers’ Day.

The group is made up of 45 friends of Cuba who will visit places of historic interest and will participate in voluntary work activities. They will also accompany the local people in the traditional May Day parade in Holguin.

Their program includes meetings with members of the Cuban Women’s Federation (FMC), the Cuban Workers’ Confederation (CTC), and with pre-university students.

The brigade members will participate in the International Meeting of Solidarity with Cuba, scheduled for May 2, and in the Romerias de Mayo, a popular art festival held every year in Holguin.

During their 15-day stay in Cuba, the visitors will also learn details of the case of the five Cuban antiterrorists unjustly held in the United States since 1998. On May 9, they will travel to Santiago de Cuba to visit historic places such as the former Moncada Garrison, the Jose Marti mausoleum, and the Vilma Espin memorial, among others.