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1,551 Centenarians Living in Cuba Print E-mail


Currently living in Cuba are 1,551 individuals over 100 years of age, ten more than in 2010, according to the February updating of a study of centenarians undertaken during the years 2004-2008.

This multi-institutional investigation coordinated by the National Department for the Elderly and the Ministry of Public Health’s Social Assistance Department, documents that the doyenne of those who have passed the landmark age of 100 is Juana de la Candelaria Rodríguez who lives in Campechuela, Granma and will celebrate her 126th birthday in June.

Cuba is strengthening its Economic Base for Development of the Country Print E-mail

On May 6, the Canadian Cuban Friendship Association of Windsor held a public meeting on Socialism in 21st Century Cuba addressed by Jorge Soberón, Consul General of the Cuban Consulate in Toronto. The event was organized as part of the Mayworks Project in Windsor and brought together a diverse audience made up of workers, students, artists, journalists and members of the Cuba solidarity movement. The meeting was hosted by Artcite, Windsor's artist-run centre and an important hub of the Mayworks project.


Cuba Once Again Refutes Lies Print E-mail

From Granma, May 16, 2011

THE Cuban Revolution has been the object of hundreds of disinformation campaigns, usually orchestrated by the U.S. government with the complicity of European allies in conjunction with the powerful forces and interests which control the corporate media. However, they have not been able to divert Cubans from their ideals of independence and socialism, nor confuse the peoples of the planet who, despite everything, are led by wisdom and instinct to the truth. They are campaigns without political or ethical constraints which come up against the moral force of Cuba and merely tarnish their authors.


Massive May Day Parade in Cuba: Cubans Show Their Support for Their Revolution Print E-mail

50th Anniversary of Historic Cuban Victory at Playa Giron: A New Era in the Americas Print E-mail

On April 17, 1961 more than 1,400 United States CIA-trained and led mercenaries launched an invasion of Cuba at Playa Giron (also known as the Bay of Pigs), located in the south-central region of the island. Spearheaded by the notorious Brigade 2506, comprised of henchmen of the former U.S. backed dictator Fulgencio Batista, terrorists and deposed rich landowners, the aim of the invasion was to overthrow the young revolution that had, scarcely more than two years previously, triumphed on January 1st, 1959.

Under the CIA’s Plan Pluto, the invaders’ objective was to establish a beachhead, fly in representatives from the Cuban-exile community in Miami, and then declare that a new "provisional government" had been constituted. This “provisional government” would then request that the United States intervene militarily in Cuba.



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