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Parliamentary Commissions Debate 2012 Projections Print E-mail

The 12 permanent commissions of the National Assembly of People's Power have initiated their discussions on the draft economic plan and budget for 2012 in their areas of competence.

According to the parliamentary agenda, on December 21 and 22, the working groups will base their discussions on the agreements of the 6th Congress of the Communist Party of Cuba in relation to the updating of the country’s economic model.

In addition to the plans for next year, they are to address issues of interest to the population in the context of this updating and the detection of problems by the deputies themselves or their electors.

Cuba's Health Care Miracle in Haiti Print E-mail

An Interview with Dr. Jorge Balseiro Estevez of the Henry Reeve Cuban Internationalist Medical Brigade

Dr. Jorge Balseiro Estevez is Director of the University Hospital of Psychiatry in the city of Camaguey, Cuba. He is a specialist in psychiatry and health administration and Auxiliary Professor of Medical Sciences at the university. He is a member of the Henry Reeve Cuban Internationalist Medical Brigade1 and a director of the Brigade’s field hospital in the city of Leogâne, Haiti. Leogane was the epicentre of the earthquake of January 12, 2010.

Dr. Balseiro Estevez was invited to Canada on a speaking tour to some 15 cities across Canada in October and November 2011. The tour was organized by the Canadian Network on Cuba and its local affiliates, with sponsorship from a broad range of trade unions, health professionals and Haiti solidarity groups.

Tour Expresses Profound Respect for Cuba's Humanitarian Internationalism in Haiti Print E-mail

TML Daily, No. 118, November 23, 2011

From October 13 to November 6, Cuban doctor Jorge Tomas Balseiro Estevez toured 14 cities across Canada and Quebec informing of Cuba's humanitarian internationalism around the world and especially in Haiti, where he was posted following the January 2010 earthquake. He was accompanied by Sandra Ramirez Rodriguez, a representative of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP). During the tour, Dr. Balseiro spoke with people from all walks of life, including youth and students, workers and medical professionals about Cuba's work in Haiti and the spirit that guides it. Wherever he spoke, Dr. Balseiro was received with great enthusiasm and people expressed their appreciation and respect for Cuba's work internationally. He was given an especially warm reception by members of the Haitian diaspora who conveyed their profound appreciation for Cuba's assistance to their homeland.

Cuban Doctor on Canada Wide Tour to Speak on Cuba's Humanitarian Medical Mission Print E-mail

From October 13 to November 6, 2011 Dr. Jorge Tomas Balseiro Estevez, a member of Cuba's medical internationalist mission to Haiti, will speak in more than a dozen cities from Halifax to Victoria.

Dr. Balseiro exemplifies Cuba's extensive and unprecedented solidarity with the peoples of the world, illustrating what can be achieved when self-serving interests do not direct the aid provided.

The 35th Anniversary of Cubana Bombing Tragedy off Barbados Print E-mail

By Rickey Singh

Trinidad Express, October 2, 2011

THURSDAY will mark the 35th anniversary of the horrific bombing of a Cubana passenger aircraft off Barbados that killed all 73 people on board in what has been documented as the single worst human tragedy in the history of the Caribbean region to result from international terrorism linked to anti-Cuba operatives trained by the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The government of Cuba and its embassies in Barbados and Guyana will have varying activities to commemorate the victims of that unprecedented crime in Caribbean air space in which the collaborators involved those who had boarded the Cubana flight at Piarco International Airport in Trinidad and Tobago.


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