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UN Condemns US Economic Blockade of Cuba Print E-mail

For the 21st consecutive year the United Nations General Assembly overwhelmingly condemned the U.S. Economic Blockade of Cuba by massively voting in favour of the resolution " Necessity of Ending the US Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade Imposed on Cuba”. The final tally Tuesday, November 14 was 188 member countries in support of Cuba, with only 3 voting in favour of U.S. policy (the United States, joined by Israel and Palau). Three countries abstained. Since 1992 the international community has resoundingly opposed and repudiated the ongoing economic aggression of the United States against the people of Cuba. In 2011, for example, the vote was 186 to 3. The United States' isolation in world public opinion is graphically delineated.

News on Cuba - November 12, 2012 Print E-mail

United Nations to Vote Cuban Resolution against US Blockade on Tuesday

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 12 (ACN) The over-50-year US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba will again be overwhelmingly condemned by the international community on Tuesday when the UN General Assembly votes a new Cuban resolution demanding the lifting of such a criminal policy.

News on Cuba - November 2, 2012 Print E-mail

Cuba Denounces Illegal Activities of U.S. Interest Section

Washington, Nov 2 (Prensa Latina) Cuba stated that the U.S. Interest Section (USINT) in Havana serves as a headquarters for the U.S. federal government's subversion policy against the Caribbean nation.

News on Cuba - October 29, 2012 Print E-mail

Raul Castro Visits Devastated Areas in Eastern Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 29 (acn) Cuban president Raul Castro visited on Sunday Santiago de Cuba to asses the damages in that eastern Cuban city, stricken by Hurricane Sandy last Thursday.

News on Cuba - October 24, 2012 Print E-mail

Sandy Could Become a Hurricane Threatening Eastern Cuba Tonight

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 24 (ACN) In its latest advisory on Wednesday at 6 a.m. the Cuban Meteorology Institute alerts that Tropical Storm Sandy is gaining intensity and could reached Cuba as a Hurricane category 1 in evening hours.


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