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United Nations to Vote Cuban Resolution against US Blockade on Tuesday

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 12 (ACN) The over-50-year US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba will again be overwhelmingly condemned by the international community on Tuesday when the UN General Assembly votes a new Cuban resolution demanding the lifting of such a criminal policy.

An article on Granma newspaper recalls that this will be the 21st occasion that the UN General Assembly will condemn through the vote of its member states the US measure in force for over 50 years against the Cuban people.

Year after year, the Assembly has adopted the document titled Necessity to End the Economic, Commercial and Financial Blockade imposed by the United States of America against Cuba.

Last year, the resolution was adopted by 186 out of 193 UN member states, only with the United States and Israel voting against and with the abstention by  the Marshall Islands, Micronesia and Palau.


The Whole World Stands against the US Blockade of Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 9 (ACN) The world is against the US blockade of Cuba because it is a really criminal act, said the general secretary of Paraguay’s Guasu Front Ricardo Canese in the capital Asuncion.

In statements to PL news agency, the leader of the coalition of political parties and left-wing movements said that the US siege of Cuba is a huge imperial attack against human rights.

That, who tries to subjugate all countries of the world and also blockades Cuba, while illegally holding a zone of the Cuban territory of Guantanamo violates the human rights there, acting under imperial impunity, said Canese in direct reference to the United States.

The Paraguayan political leader expressed his disappointment about Barack Obama’s first office term, because the US president did not have the courage to lift the blockade of Cuba, and he did not even met his promise to close the prison camp in the illegally occupied Cuban territory of Guantanamo.

He also slashed out against the US armament industry by accusing it of destroying the planet, as it was previously denounced by Fidel Castro and other Latin American and world leaders.


The Mexican Senate Reiterates Condemnation of the US Blockade of Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 9 (acn) The Mexican Senate reiterated its rejection of the US blockade against Cuba, annually condemned since 1992 by an increasing majority of countries at the United Nations General Assembly.

The senators urged the Mexican government to maintain its vote at the UN against that hostile policy and to make it effective by way of concrete measures to guarantee the lifting of the criminal siege, according to Cuban diplomatic sources in Mexico.

That point of the agreement, proposed by Dolores Padierna, vice-coordinator of the Parliamentarian Group of the Revolucion Democratica Party (PRD) at the Mexican Senate, was unanimously approved on Thursday.

Padierna recalled that the US blockade affects even the spheres of food and medicines, something prohibited by international conventions, including in times of war.

The Senator recalled that since Washington imposed the blockade, Mexico has expressed its firm rejection of laws violating principles and norms of international law, of the UN Charter, and of the World Trade Organization, among other institutions.


Conference in Australia Condemns Blockade against Cuba

Melbourne, Nov 12 (PL) The Latin American Grassroots Movements Solidarity Conference condemned the U.S. blockade against Cuba, after concluding in this city three days of sessions with representatives from that region and Australian academics.

Cuban ambassador Pedro Monzon said that criminal policy is a reprisal for gendarme in face to the honorable position and international solidarity of a country.

Monzon opened the forum with a presentation of the issue "La Revolucion cubana, alternativa de desarrollo" (The Cuban Revolution, alternative for development), which outlined its historical background, objectives and achievements, and how since the very beginning, it has been object of all kind of aggressions displayed by Washington.

The economic damage caused to the Cuban people by the blockade until December 2011, considering the depreciation of the dollar against the value of gold in the international market, totaled $1.066 trillion dollars, according to Cuban authorities.

Organized by the Australian Network of Solidarity (Lasnet) at La Trobe University, the conference included the speech of its director, Ralph Newmark, leaders of the landless movement in Brazil, Chilean student organizations, Ecuadorian indigenous people, and Colombia unions, among other attendees.

The agenda focused on "Visiones alternativas de desarrollo, el capitalismo neoliberal no es el camino, hay otras posibilidades" (Alternative visions in development, neoliberal capitalism is not the way, there are other possibilities), and "El desarrollo de América Latina, de que tipo de desarrollo estamos hablando" (Development in Latin America, what kind of development we are talking about).

Other topics were "La actividad de las multinacionales y sus consecuencias sobre la vida de los trabajadores" (The activity of multinationals and their consequences on the life of workers) and "La globalización de la solidaridad desde la base" (Globalization of solidarity from grassroots).

Participants also issued a statement of support for the international campaign for the release of the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters, unjustly held in the United States.

Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramon Labañino, Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez were detained on September 12, 1998, in the U.S. city of Miami. An irregular trial held there condemned them in 2001 to harsh sentences ranging from 15 years to two life terms, plus 15 years.


Massive Turn-out at Second Round of Elections in Eastern Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 12 (ACN) The National Electoral Commission described as massive, organized and enthusiastic turn-out the participation of the people in the second round of municipal elections held Sunday in the eastern provinces of Santiago de Cuba and Holguin.

In both territories, which were hard hit by hurricane Sandy, some 118 thousand 883 voters  had already cast their ballots just one hour before the voting stations closed at 6 pm on Sunday, which stands for 83.56 percent of the eligible voters, said National Electoral Commission secretary Ruben Perez.

The vote had been postponed due to the severe impact by Sandy in the two territories, which are currently under intense recovery activity.

The official explained that the vote satisfactorily took place in 128 constituencies in Holguin, and in 42 districts in Santiago de Cuba, except for the main city and the municipality of Palma Soriano, where the elections will take place later.

Perez stressed the contribution by the population and local leaders to the electoral process amidst the complex situation created by the passage of Sandy.


Second Venezuelan Ship with Aid Arrives in Santiago de Cuba

Santiago de Cuba, Nov 11 (Prensa Latina) The second Venezuelan ship carrying aid to mitigate the effects of Hurricane Sandy arrived in this eastern Cuban city, the country´s most affected by Sandy, today.

The T61 ship of the Bolivarian Venezuela Navy docked at Guillermon Moncada port with 449 tons of products and various equipments which will contribute to the recovery of services, construction and restoring of houses that were destroyed in the city.

About 250 tons of materials and machines brought by La Goajira ship were unloaded at Santiago de Cuba´s port last week.

The Bolivarian Navy also brought a divided aid for this eastern Cuban province and for Haiti,also damaged by hurricane Sandy.

About 20 days after the path of the hurricane, Santiago de Cuba city and the provinces municipalities, which were affected by heavy winds, look different as a result of the recovery and cleaning actions that are being undertaken like the restoration of the electric and phone lines.

The province´s Defense Council keeps activated and heads the efforts to return to normal, with the solidarity aid given from abroad.


Venezuelan Youngsters Join Recovery Works in Santiago de Cuba

SANTIAGO DE CUBA, Cuba, Nov 10 (acn) A 120-strong Venezuelan brigade made of youngsters belonging to the Ribas Misión arrived today in the Antonio Maceo International Airport to work of the recovery of this eastern city in the wake of Huricane Sandy.

The group includes carpenters, plumbers, masons and electricians, fully equipped and ready to get to work immediately.

It is the second time we come to help sister Cuba; before we did it in Pinar del Rio, where we cooperated in erasing the effects left behind by Hurricane Ike in that region, coordinator José Luis Sánchez told ACN news agency.

Sanchez added that some members have had previous experience in disaster management, and further noted that it was surprising the support of young Venezuelans to the call they made to create this group since in just one day only 500 people enrolled.

Benito Villegas, one of the members of the brigade, said their trip to Santiago de Cuba is a way to assist this country that has helped Venezuela so much and reiterated that they will do their best to meet any task entrusted to them.

Launched in November 2003, the Ribas Mission is an educational program that the Venezuelan government of Hugo Chavez has developed in order to include all those who had been unable to complete their high school education.

Earlier in the day an aircraft with the second shipment of humanitarian aid from the United Nations arrived in Santiago.

A national and international movement of solidarity with Santiago de Cuba cobra is on the rise since the beginning of the recovery efforts, with Venezuela, Bolivia, Russia and other countries sending aid, as well as Cuban people from the areas that weren’t hit by the storm.


Havana Population Collect Aid to Send to Victims of Hurricane Sandy

HAVANA, Cuba, Nov 10 (acn) Thousands of people in Havana city started to donate essential items to send to the victims of Hurricane Sandy in the three Cuban eastern provinces battered by the storm.

Personal hygiene items and clothing, dried food and household equipment are part of the aid collected this far, which according to organizers, continue its steady growth, showing solidarity among Cubans.

On tour of the Diez de Octubre municipality, the second most populous in the country, people are seeing carrying different items to the collection points in all nine People’s Councils (CP).

Caridad Campos, president of Sevillano CP, told ACN news agency that, since last Wednesday, they have been collecting aid in her territory, but even before a large number of people had expressed interest and willingness to make contributions.

Margarita Villalejo, leader of the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC), praised the tireless work that organization blocks have done in the community, together with the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution and the Cuba Communist Party in the neighborhoods.

Hipolito Vasquez Perdomo, Sevillano CP vice president, noted the open-handedness of not a few citizens, able to donate essential items, without any second thought, "for their brethren in eastern Cuba."

All throughout Havana city, the aid collection continues to help palliate the ravages caused by Hurricane Sandy.


Zinc Roofing Tiles Shipments Continue Arriving in Santiago de Cuba

LA TUNAS, Cuba, Nov 10 (acn) The  Commander Paco Cabrera Structural Steel Company, in this city, built 39,600 galvanized zinc roofing tiles meant for the victims of Hurricane Sandy, in Santiago de Cuba.

That figure is the equivalent of 3200 roofing modules for as many houses, Youder Pavón Velazquez, director of the entity, told ACN news agency.

The company extended working hours in three shifts of eight hours each, which allowed the plant workers to finish those tiles in just nine days, which will be transported to Santiago by rail.

The 9.2 meters long supports of and 3000 easels modules, both products essential in placing covers, were sent to Santiago de Cuba in late October and the first days of November .

Now the company is engaged in the manufacture of roofing tiles for the sugar mills battered by the storm in the eastern territory and in the completion of 40,000 purlins (joists) for housing.

Las Tunas province has contributed as well with metal doors and windows manufactured in the DURALMET Company and also by sending builders and workers of the Basic Electric Organization and Telecommunications Company, with their respective equipment.


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