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Cuba Updates its Migration Policy

As part of the work undertaken to update the current migration policy adjusting it to prevailing conditions in the present and the foreseeable future, the Cuban government has decided to forgo the required Travel Permit as well as the Letter of Invitation.

Therefore, as from January 14th, 2013, it will only be necessary to submit the ordinary passport, duly updated, and the visa issued by the country of destination, in those cases when it is required. The ordinary passport will be issued to the Cuban citizens who meet the requirements of the Migration Law, as modified in compliance with these provisions. Such Law will come into effect ninety days after its publication in the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba.

Those already in possession of an ordinary passport, issued before this decision is valid, should request from the corresponding authorities of the Ministry of the Interior its updating absolutely free of charge. Likewise, those with a valid Travel Permit will be able to depart without any additional procedure.

It has also been decided that Cuban residents travelling overseas on private affairs will be permitted to remain there for a period of twenty-four months, counting from the date of departure. For a longer stay, they will be required to obtain the corresponding evidence of extension of stay from a Cuban consulate.

The updating of the migration policy takes into account the right of the revolutionary state to defend itself from the aggressive and subversive plans of the US government and its allies. For this reason, those measures aimed at preserving the human capital created by the Revolution from the theft of talents practiced by the powerful nations shall remain in force.

In due course, other measures related to the migratory issue will be adopted that will certainly help in the consolidation of the efforts being made by the Revolution towards the full normalization of Cuba’s relations with its emigrants.

Today, the Official Gazette of the Republic of Cuba is publishing the Law Decree of the State Council modifying the current Migration Law as well as other supplementary regulations.

Additional information on the procedures required by the law and other specificities concerning the country’s migration policy are available to the people at the Dirección de Inmigración y Extranjería and its voice message through phone number 2063218; Portal del Ciudadano Cubano: www.ciudadano.cu; and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba: www.cubaminrex.cu. (HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 16)


Cuba Ready for Municipal Elections

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (ACN) Cuba is ready for the first round of municipal elections to take place October 21, according to the National Electoral Commission (CEN).

A dynamic drill carried out on Sunday throughout the country yielded positive results that proved the efficient operations of voting stations, said CEN president Alina Balseiro.

The test allowed evaluating the performance of voting stations, communication systems and the results of the training received by electoral authorities at all levels, Balseiro noted and she went on to explain, however, that in some areas the flow of information was affected by rains and electrical problems, which led to the activation of alternative mechanisms.

The rigorous assessment of material conditions forced the transfer to a second location of some voting stations and revealed the need to complete materials necessary to carry out the vote in some areas.

The official announced that one of Cuba’s TV channels will air information on the electoral process Monday and Tuesday, particularly aimed at the youths, since 200 thousand youngsters will vote for the first time in the upcoming elections.

The first round of municipal elections will take place October 21, with a second round on the 28 for those constituencies where none of the candidates gets more than 50 percent of the valid votes.


Concert for the Cuban Five Held in Madrid

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (ACN) An emotive music concert dedicated to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters held in the United States was hosted by the Madrid-based Galileo Galilei center.

Organized by the Madrid’s Committee for the Release of the Cuban Five, the concert included Cuban and Spanish singers, who joined their voices for the freedom of Gerardo Hernandez, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez, Ramón Labañino and Rene Gonzalez, internationally known as the Cuban Five.

The concert is part of international actions that kicked off September 12 to mark the 14th anniversary of the incarceration of the five Cuban heroes, who were given extremely long sentences for having monitored US-based terrorist organizations.

The gala included songs whose lyrics in favor of the release of the Cuban Five and against the US economic blockade of Cuba, including a poem titled “From the Solitude of my Window,” written by Antonio Guerrero.

Many messages of solidarity with the Five were read at the event, which was attended by Cuban ambassador to Spain, Alejandro Gonzalez and diplomats from other Latin American countries.

Ramón Labañino and relatives of the Five sent their deepest gratitude to the concert, and stressed their honor of counting on the strong support of the Spanish friends.

Meanwhile, the representative of the Cuban Friendship Institute in Spain, Jesus Bayos, expressed his appreciation for the concert in the name of his organization and the Cuba mission in Madrid.

Numerous world personalities and organizations have claimed the release of the Cuban Five, who were arrested September 12, 1998 in Miami after they alerted their country on US-hatched terrorist actions.


Book on Fidel Castro Presented in Montevideo

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (ACN) Cuban researcher and journalist Katiuska Blanco presented her book on Fidel Castro, titled Guerrilla of Time, in Montevideo, Uruguay. The two-part book encompasses several conversations with the Cuban Revolution leader, whose ethical principles and early interest in social justice were stressed by the author during the presentation.

He (Fidel) is a man of future time, said Blanco during the book-launching ceremony at Montevideo’s 35th International Book Fair, where she was accompanied by Cuban presidential advisor Abel Prieto, according to PL news agency.

Responding to questions by the audience, the autor recalled passages of Fidel Castro’s relations with historic leaders of the Cuban Revolution, such as his brother Raul Castro, current Cuban President, and with commanders Camilo Cienfuegos and Ernesto Che Guevara.

As to the impact by Che’s death on the Fidel Castro, Blanco recalled an article by writer and journalist Jorge Timossi, titled “Fidel’s Dreams,” in which the author says that Fidel had told him that he used to dream of Che alive.

During the ceremony, which was attended by Uruguayan personalities in the world of culture and politics and diplomats, Abel Prieto said that the book depicts Fidel in a very personal manner. He stressed the family context in which Fidel Castro grew up, and how he always rejected injustice in his childhood, adolescence and youth.

In statements to PL news agency, Katiuska Blanco referred to her impressions in presenting the book in Uruguay by stressing what she called the marvelous relations linking Cuban and Uruguayan intellectuals, such as Mario Benedetti and Eduardo Galiano.

Blanco described as extraordinary the Uruguayan contribution to the education of Cuban children, particularly at difficult times when Uruguay backed a special edition of books on National Hero Jose Marti, a work she said was the dream come true of intellectual Cintio Vitier.

She said that all this facts came to her mind with special value at the time she brought the image and passages of the life of Fidel Castro to Montevideo.


Cuba to Host International Agriculture Congress

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (ACN) Cuba will present its most recent technological achievements in the setting up and use of watering and drainage systems, during the 2012 International Agricultural Engineering Congress that will take place October 16-19 in Havana.

Maria Amalia Hernandez, member of the event’s organizing committee told reporters that experts, directives, business people and researchers from Argentina, Brazil, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela confirmed attendance of the Congress.

The forum, which will be held at the Cojimar Conventions Center, east of the city capital, was organized by the Agricultural Engineering Research Institute with the Cuban Agriculture Ministry and it will also assess the efficient use of conventional and renewable energy sources; climate change and food security linked to water resources.


Guatemalans Condemn US Blockade of Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 15 (ACN) Guatemala’s Organization in Solidarity with Cuba and the Peoples called a demonstration on Monday to condemn the over-50-year US economic, commercial and financial blockade of Cuba.

The organization, which groups members of parties such as Guatemalan National Revolutionary Unity (URNG) and the New Nation Alliance, plus a dozen of social groups, will urge Washington to lift its siege on Cuba.

Speaking with PL news agency, URNG’s Mayra Godoy described the blockade as a inhumane, unfair and illegal policy, which is rejected by most countries of the world as it has been proven at the UN General Assembly over the past 20 years.

The activist recalled that the international community’s claim against the blockade—186 countries voted against the US measure last year—is turned a deaf ear by the United States, which keeps reinforcing its hostile Cuba policy, thus inflicting huge material damage on the Cuban people.


Documentary “Maestra” to Launch in Los Angeles

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 11 (acn) La Femme International Film Festival will debut the documentary “Maestra” by Catherine Murphy on Saturday in Los Angeles.

The film is a 30 minute documentary paying tribute to the thousands of young Cuban women that participated in the 1961 literacy campaign. Approximately 50 thousand teenage girls launched a practically impossible task and helped construct a new society at the ages of 16 and 17, said Catherine Murphy who spend almost 10 years researching in archives, searching for teachers of the time and taping an oral history of their experiences.

The La Femme International Film Festival is the largest women’s event in the US with the participation of renowned movie stars. The festival kicked off on Thursday and will run until Saturday with the presentation of over 100 independent, short and documentary, commercial films and musical videos.

Actresses like Susan Sarandon and Daryl Hannah will reportedly be on hand. For more information on the documentary “Maestra” on one of Cuba’s most important achievements, visit www.maestrathefilm.org.




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