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Raul Reiterates Call to Work with Rigor and Discipline

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (acn) Chaired by Army General Raul Castro, an expanded meeting of the Council of Ministers was held on Friday, September 28, which had as its first point on the agenda the situation of non-payments between December 2011, and July, 2012.

While referring to this matter, the President of the councils of State and Ministers underlined the need to work with rigor and discipline to eliminate lack of organization, which leads to waste, theft and negligence. We have to abide by agreements reached and respect laws, since otherwise it will be very difficult to advance in the updating of the country’s economic model.

Next, Marino Murillo, vice-president of the Council of Ministers, informed about adjustments made to the policy of retail prices in accordance with Guidelines 66 to 71 approved by the 6th Congress of the Cuban Communist Party. Their main objectives are aimed at establishing the principles for the formation of prices for the population with a comprehensive approach, and to guarantee monetary balance between the incomes of the population and retail mercantile circulation. He considered that the proposal now made, after profound studies, is aimed at adapting the policy of retail prices to the ongoing updating of the island’s economy.

The Head of the Permanent Commission for the Implementation and Development also explained the reorganization of the Textile and the Leather and Footwear enterprises, in accordance with Guideline 238 approved by the 6th Party Congress referred to the reorganization and restructuring of the business system of the Light Industry, which will contribute to eliminate excess structures and staff, favoring an increase in efficiency.

Later, Leonardo Andollo, second head of the Permanent Commission for Implementation and Development, explained the proposals to perfect the institutes of Physical Planning and Housing, a decision that has as a starting point the changes approved in procedures related to the transfer of house ownership and the strengthening of the country’s territorial and urban order.

As part of this restructuring process, it was agreed to turn the Housing Institute into a general department of the Construction Ministry, in charge of leading, executing and controlling the policy of the State and the government with respect to the construction, maintenance and refurbish of houses.

In this regard Raul considered that a meticulous work had been done, however, he specified, this is only the beginning of restructuring.

Lastly, Domestic Trade Minister Mary Blanca Ortega informed the members of the Council of Ministers about the development of the renting of places to self-employed workers linked to activities of personal and technical services, in keeping with Guideline 308 of the Economic and Social Policy of the Party and the Revolution.

The President of the councils of State and Ministers assessed that the implementation of the new forms of management represent another step ahead in the updating of the Cuban economic model, which contribute to free the State from these activities to devote itself to others of greater strategic importance for the country’s development.


Alarcon Reiterates Importance of Solidarity with The Five

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (acn) Spreading and strengthening the solidarity movement in the United States in support of the five Cuban heroes unfairly incarcerated over the last 14 years in that country will contribute to their return, reiterated on Monday Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon.

In his speech at the opening of the academic year of the University of Havana’s Senior Citizens Department, Alarcon updated participants on the legal situation of the case of The Five, to whom this new academic period is dedicated.

The campaign of hatred of the Miami media against these antiterrorists, which declared them guilty before the beginning of the trial in that city, has distorted and silenced the case for US citizens, pointed out Alarcon, who is also a member of the Cuban Communist Party’s Politburo.

For this reason, to advance in a solidarity movement that gets to the United States and grows as social strength in that nation is the main challenge to pressure President Barack Obama to set these men free so they can return to their families, he stated.

It’s a battle in which we all have to participate, highlighted Alarcon in the presence of relatives of these fighters, proclaimed honorary members of this Department since 2005.


Cuban Historians Call for Support of Venezuela

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 2 (ACN) Cuba’s National Association of Historians (UNHIC) called on Cuban citizens and foreigners residing on the island to sign the declaration titled “Our Solidarity with Bolivarian Venezuela.”

The declaration signing will take place on Thursday, October 4, at the Historian’s Center, in Havana, in an action coordinated with the Network of Intellectuals, Artists and Social Activists.

Historians, professors, scholars, artists, students and people in general will visit the place and stamp their signatures on the document, in support of the Bolivarian Revolution and the reelection of its leader Hugo Rafael Chavez Frias.

UNHIC president Felipe Perez Cruz told ACN that after signing the declaration all participants can take part at lectures, debates on the realities and challenges of the sister Latin American nation.

On Thursday, just three days before the electoral battle takes place  in Venezuela, honest citizens from around the world will ratify in Havana their support of the Venezuelan Revolution and its people, who are building and defending a promising future.


Washington Hinders Cuban Band Performance in Puerto Rico

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 2 (ACN) The popular Cuban music band “Los Van Van” was prevented from giving scheduled concerts in the Puerto Rican cities of San Juan and Mayaguez following the US denial of an entry visa to drummer and music director Samuel Formell.

Concert producer Leo Tizol said in a press release that Bill Martinez, who was in charge of the visa request, was notified by the US Department of State about the visa denial, Granma newspaper reported.

Tizol said that at certain point they considered taking on another drummer, but it was not possible, since Samuel is also the stage music director, and that they would appeal the US decision.

At the same time, a US court will open hearings on Sunday on the cancelling of a Cuban music festival in Miami that was to include Cuban musicians, such as Juan Formel and Los Van Van; David Calzado and his Charanga Habanera Band, Buena Fe Duet; Moneda Dura and Pachito Alonso, who would join US musicians on the stage.

The  World Cuban Music Festival was scheduled to take place April 9, 2011 at Homestead Speedway, 40 kilometers from Miami city, but the owners of the place cancelled the concert under the pretext that they were not given all the  information.

Concert organizers denied the arguments and filed a lawsuit demanding a one-million-dollar compensation for the loss inflicted after the cancelling of the event and the failure to honor the contract.

The American Civil Liberties Union and the concert organizers said that the speedway place owners were under pressure by right-wing sectors and by Miami-Dade legislator Lynda Bell, who publically promised to prevent the event from taking place.


Relations between Cuba and Tanzania Strengthen

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 1 (acn) The historic bonds between Cuba and the United Republic of Tanzania were assessed on Monday during a meeting between the president of that country of East Africa, Jakaya M.  Kikwete, and Cuba’s ambassador to that nation, Ernesto Gomez, who will soon conclude his mission there.

Kikwete acknowledged the excellent state of bilateral relations and especially thanked the Caribbean island for its help in the spheres of health, education and the training of human resources, as informed by the Cuban embassy from Dar es Salaam, one of the main Tanzanian cities.

He reaffirmed the willingness of this people to continue supporting the cause of the Caribbean nation at international forums, particularly in the struggle for the lifting of the US blockade imposed on Cuba for over half a century now.

The Tanzanian head of state recalled his official visit to the island in 2009, when he went to the Sierra Maestra Mountains, the Moncada Barracks and other places of historic interest in the city of Santiago de Cuba, thus making one of his oldest dreams come true.

Gomez expressed his gratitude for the solidarity of the Tanzanian people and government, and for their solid stance against the US blockade of Cuba, which -until December- had caused an economic damage amounting to one trillion 66 billion dollars.


Cuba Hosts International Penal Science Congress

HAVANA, Cuba, Oct 2 (ACN) Focusing on the fight on the trafficking of drugs and persons, terrorism, corruption and economic crimes the 11th International Penal Science Congress opens doors Tuesday in Havana.

General Comptroller Gladys Bejerano is schedule to lecture on the Cuban domestic control system, according to the organizers of the forum, which is being attended by 300 delegates from 17 countries.

The Congress, which is organized by the Cuban Attorney General’s Office, includes workshops, panels and presentations on issues relevant to penal science disciplines.


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