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Cuban President Remembers Ho Chi Minh

Hanoi, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) We must thank Vietnam for the lessons it has always taught us, the Cuban President, Raul Castro, said here today in a particularly moving day of visits.

He began the day placing a wreath at the monument for martyrs of Vietnam's independence wars, and at the Mausoleum where Ho Chi Minh lies.

Evoking the revered personality President Raul Castro recalled his first visit to Hanoi in 1966 and his meeting with Ho Chi Minh, where he promised that he would return after Saigon's liberation.

He said it took many years but he kept his word in 2005, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the great victory that led to the reunification of the country.

Then he stressed that Vietnam has fulfilled Ho Chi Minh's words promising the birth of a new Vietnam, 100 times more beautiful, with a socialist society which has overcome great obstacles and continued its progress.

"These special feelings come together in our friendship," he said.

The Cuban president addressed these words to the president of the National Assembly of Vietnam, Nguyen Sing Hung, at the beginning of a meeting. He told his interlocutor that Cuba welcomes and supports the economic, commercial and diplomatic presence of Vietnam in Latin America.

Nguyen for his part expressed special recognition ofr the Cuban people's resistance to the U.S. blockade, reiterating that Vietnam will continue appealing to the United Nations to condemn this criminal policy.

The Vietnamese National Assembly was founded in 1946 while the Vietnamese were still fighting French colonialism. In 1975 it was refounded as an assembly of reunification which plays an active role within Vietnam's society.


Raul Castro Meets with Top Vietnamese Leaders

HAVANA, Cuba, July 8 (acn) Army General Raul Castro, President of the councils of State and Ministers, met on Sunday with the top Vietnamese leaders, during the first day of his visit to the Asian nation.

The common willingness of strengthening friendship between Vietnam and Cuba was evidenced after the official welcoming ceremony at the Presidential Palace in Hanoi, during the talks with Nguyen Phu Trong, General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam.

Trong highlighted the importance of Raul Castro’s visit as a continuity of the one paid by the host to Cuba in April, when the two of them signed a joint declaration, the Prensa Latina (PL)

The Cuban head of state –adds the source- pointed out that friendship between the two countries strengthens day by day, that over the years they have helped each other in the face of difficulties, and that they maintain common stances in most issues.

Upon receiving Raul, the Vietnamese President, Truong Tan Sang, described as a historic landmark the presence in his country of his Cuban counterpart because, he said, it will boost comprehensive bilateral relations even more.

Raul also met with Prime Minister Nguyen Tang Dung, at the end of an intense working program.

According to PL, Raul will meet on Monday with the President of the National Assembly, Nguyen Sing Hung, and will pay tribute to war martyrs and revered Ho Chi Minh.


Raul Castro Satisfied with his Visit to China

HAVANA, Cuba, July 7 (ACN)  Cuban President Raul Castro expressed his satisfaction with his three-day official visit to China, which he concluded on Friday after paying tribute to the heroes of that nation. He also met with top government Chinese officials including Vice-president Xi Jinping.

The Cuban President and his delegation met with Prime Minister Wen Jiabao at the Central Government building. During the encounter, the two leaders agreed to the importance of the visit for the further strengthening of relations between the two governments and Communist parties, Granma daily newspaper reported.

Deputy Prime Minister Li Keqiang also welcomed the Cuban leader and said he was “an old friend of the Chinese people”. China highly considers the development of relations with Cuba as we look at them from a strategic perspective…” said the Chinese leader.

Finally, Raul Castro met with Chinese Vice-president Xi Jinping, who said that they had the conviction that the visit will enhance bilateral cooperation and friendship between the two countries.

The Cuban head of state described his agenda in China as intense and productive and he said he was very satisfied with the meetings he held with the top Chinese authorities and with their results.


Fidel and Raul Congratulate Carilda Oliver on Her 90th Birthday

MATANZAS, Cuba, July 8 (acn) Commander in Chief Fidel Castro sent presents to poet Carilda Oliver on the occasion of her 90th birthday on July 7, and President Raul Castro sent her a message of congratulations in which he highlights the scope of her poetry, her ethical stance, and her spirit of loyalty and attributes, which have won her the admiration of the Cuban people.

Carilda was happy with these attentions, and underlined, grateful, that in these circumstances it was impossible to say thank you properly. I will keep that beautifully written message as a treasure, pointed out the author of “Al sur de mi garganta”.

She was very surprised and satisfied for the many congratulations and messages received over the last few days, coming from institutions, friends, intellectuals and admirers from many parts of the island. She gave special importance to the acknowledgements of the Party, the Government, and the office of the Culture Ministry in her beloved Matanzas province.

The ceremony to pay homage to the prolific poet took place at the house on 81 Tirry Street, where Carilda has written almost all of her works.


Cuba Establishes Provincial Electoral Commissions

Havana, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) Fifteen provincial electoral commissions will be established on Monday as part of preparations for Cuba''s general elections which will begin October 21 with the election of municipal delegates.

The inauguration of the Commissions, the highest authorities in the districts, will be held simultaneously in the Cuban provinces, according to Saturday's announcement by Mary Esther Bacallao, member of the National Electoral Commission (CEN).

Following the call to vote and the establishment of the CEN last week, the Caribbean nation headed for its fifth general election cycle since the election law was amended in 1992.

After this step, the 168 electoral authorities of municipalities and districts (in neighborhoods) will be designated, with training provided everywhere.

After all the preparations the first round of voting will be for municipal delegates (town, city councilmen) on October 21, with the possibility of being repeated one week later in case of a tie or when no candidate has obtained more than 50 percent of the votes.


Cuban First Vice-president Stresses Socio-economic Advancement in Eastern Province

HAVANA, Cuba, July 9 (ACN)  Cuban First Vice-president Jose Ramon Machado Ventura highlighted the efforts and results of the local people in eastern Guantanamo province to boost  significant social, cultural and economic projects.

Machado Ventura, who is also the second secretary of Cuba’s Communist Party, shared views with political leaders in Guantanamo about the improvement of the party’s municipal structures.

These exchanges allow updating and informing the local party leaders and orient working efforts towards the goals drawn up by the National Conference of the Communist Party and to the implementation of the Economic and Social Guidelines adopted by the 6th Congress of the political organization, said Machado.

The Cuban First Vice-president toured places and facilities of social, economic and cultural interest, which have undergone an improvement process promoted since 2006 by the Party’s social development program.

This process includes investment of indoor facilities and the outdoor area of the Mariana Grajales Revolution Square, which will be the main scenario for July 26 National Celebrations. Machado underscored the high quality of refurbishing works and suggested that the local facilities could host scientific and cultural events.

Speaking with the workers, Machado referred to the progressive increase experienced by the production of cocoa and coffee, two major economic sectors in Guatanamo. He also underlined the investment made in a pickles plant, and other actions aimed at boosting the economic development of the eastern province.

The Cuban First Vice-president was accompanied by Ramon Balaguer, member of the Communist Party’s Secretariat, and by Luis Torres, first party secretary in the province.


Panama Highlights Effectiveness of Cuban Literacy Method

Panama, July 9 (Prensa Latina) A graduation ceremony of 553 women from various districts of the province of Chiriqui is highlighting the Cuban literacy method "Yes, I Can," with which 60,000 Panamanians have learned how to read and write.

Teodora Montezuma, 58, a resident of Baru district, read a letter written in her own handwriting, where she offered thanks on behalf of her schoolmates, Alanje, Boquete, Boqueron, David, and Dolega Bugaba for not having to feel embarrassed any longer.

The ceremony highlighted the literacy method that teaches adults to read and write in seven weeks, through two-hour daily classes and audiovisual aids, created in 2001 by the Cuban professor, Leonela Ines Relys and other colleagues.

Given the internationalist character of the Cuban government, the idea behing the project was to fight illiteracy in Latin America and contribute Cuba's experience in the matter.

According to UNESCO, between 2002 and 2011 about 5 million people from 28 countries, including Panama, gained literacy through this method.

In Chiriqui, through the Ministry of Social Development, the Cuban method began in 2007 and has managed to serve 19,783 people. In Panama, more than 60,000 people have completed the program, dropping the illiteracy rate to 5.0 percent.


Over 4 Thousand Medical Doctors Graduate this Year from Cuban Universities

HAVANA, Cuba, July 3 (ACN)  More than 4 000 medical doctors will graduate this school year from  Havana’s Medical University, with some 1500 of them having concluded studies at the Latin  American School of Medicine.

The head of information at the Havana Medical University Cosme More announced that the Karl Marx  Theater in Havana will host the graduation ceremony for those who concluded medical studies, as  well as nursing, dentistry, psychology and medical technology.

A group of foreign graduates will be given a farewell ceremony on July 24.

Meanwhile, the Latin American School of Medicine will hold the 2nd International Graduates  Encounter, July 16-19 with the objective of gathering professionals to exchange experiences on  their courses and on their current work.


Venezuela: Over One Million Eye Surgeries in Eight Years

HAVANA, Cuba, July 7 (acn) Operation Miracle, a humanitarian social program created by the  governments of Cuba and Venezuela, has made it possible to carry out over one million eye  surgeries in the South American nation over the last eight years.

We’re operating some 5,000 patients a week, the same amount of patients benefited annually in  Venezuela before the beginning of the program, asserted national coordinator Manuel Pacheco,  cited by the Venezuelan News Agency.

Operation Miracle began to be implemented in July, 2004, to take care of patients of scant economic resources who had eye problems.

At first, patients traveled to Havana, where more than 200,000 were operated on in one year, while the Venezuelan government set in motion an investment plan to re-foster these services in different hospitals of the Bolivarian country.


Puerto Rican Delegation Satisfied with Visit to Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, July 6 (acn) Carlos Alfredo Naguvitch, head of a delegation of 76 Puerto Ricans visiting Cuba, described as a unique experience their stay for 11 days on the land of Jose Marti.

In statements to ACN, he commented that their visit, which ended on Friday, was the result of their interest in holding cultural exchanges with Cubans and because in Cuba lie the mortal remains of patriot Lola Rodriguez de Tio, who composed the Puerto Rican official anthem and was born in the city of San German, where many members of the group are from.

Naguvitch stressed that, as compared to his last visit to the Cuba 10 years ago, there have been important advances, particularly restorations and new projects. We have corroborated that, in spite of the US blockade, Cubans have been brave and intelligent enough to work, survive and develop.

He underlined that during these days, the delegation, composed of doctors, lawyers and professors, visited several provinces and participated in various meetings, like the Caribbean Festival.


African-American Activists Support the Cause of The Cuban Five

HAVANA, Cuba, July 6 (acn) Members of the US African Awareness Association expressed on Thursday in this capital their support for the cause of the five Cuban antiterrorist heroes unfairly condemned in the United States.

At the Jose Antonio Echeverria Technical College, the afro-descendant activists were given details on the situation of Ramon Labañino, Fernando Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero, Gerardo Hernandez and Rene Gonzalez, and learned more about the need for the US people to know more about this case.

Banboshe Shango, representative of the Solidarity-with-Cuba Network in the United States and member of the group, told ACN that upon their return to their country they will carry out a campaign aimed at breaking the wall of silence with which US authorities try to conceal the injustices committed against The Five.

On behalf of the relatives of the antiterrorists, Aylin Labañino, Ramon’s daughter, updated visitors on the case, and expressed her appreciation for the solidarity demonstrated, in open defiance of their government’s regulations banning trips to Cuba.


Hundreds of Americans Support Campaign against US Blockade of Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, July 6 (acn) Canadian activist Tamara Hansen confirmed on Thursday in Washington that hundreds of US citizens are supporting an international campaign for the lifting of the economic, commercial and financial blockade that country maintains on Cuba for over half a century now.

Hansen, coordinator of the Vancouver Communities in Solidarity with Cuba, said that more than 60 colleagues have addressed the US public in that capital over the last few days, on the negative impact of that restrictive measure, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.

We were warmly received, she added. We’re impressed by the support for this campaign against the blockade, which she described as cruel and illegal.

According to Hansen, these meetings were held at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Bremerton and at the Traditions Cafe of Olympia, during the tour of US territory of a humanitarian convoy from Canada for Cuba.


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