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Reflections by Comrade Fidel: Teofilo Stevenson

Stevenson has left us. The news arrived yesterday after 4:00 p.m. No other amateur boxer shone so much in the history of that sport.  He could have achieved another two Olympic titles hadn’t it been for certain duties that the principles of internationalism imposed on the Revolution.  No money in the world would have been enough to bribe Stevenson.

Glory be to his memory forever!

Fidel Castro Ruz June 12, 2012 3:15 p.m.


Fidel Castro´s Statement at 1992 Earth Summit must be Recalled in Rio

HAVANA, Cuba, June 13 (ACN)—Intellectuals and activists with the Network in Defense of Humanity stressed the need to have  the message given by Fidel Castro at the 1992 Earth Summit reach and be heard at the upcoming Rio plus 20 Summit, so that it helps address the serious challenges posed on the Human Race.

During an exchange of views aimed on a document circulated prior to the World Conference on Sustainable Development, to take place June 20-22 in Rio de Janeiro, several professionals, who signed the document, stressed the call issued by Fidel Castro that “A better distribution of wealth and of the technologies available in the world could spare humanity such devastation. Less luxury and waste in a few countries could bring about a reduction of poverty and hunger in a large part of the planet…Let selfishness and hegemonism cease, as well as callousness, recklessness and deceit.”

Nobel Peace laureate Argentinean Adolfo Perez Esquivel underscored the necessity of “a new social contract among our countries at the international level” and he went on to suggest the setting up of a “penal court on the environment” that judges those responsible ones for attempts against nature.

Venezuelan Luis Britto Garcia, who was awarded the ALBA Arts Prize, called for the full sovereignty of states as to the exploitation and protection of their country’s natural resources. He also stressed the need for the prevalence of public decisions democratically adopted over the interests of private property and for the recognition of the Right to Environment and the protection of nature as a fundamental human right.

Prestigious Brazilian personalities expressed their support of the message launched by the Network in Defense of Humanity, including architect Oscar Niemeyer; moviemaker Walter Salles; singer Beth Carvalho; Theologian Leonardo Boff; writer Fernando Morais; poet Thiago de Mello, and artists Leticia Spiller and Marco Rica.


Unpublished book by Che Guevara to be Launched on Thursday

HAVANA, Cuba, June 12 (ACN)—An unpublished book by Che Guevara titled “Philosophical Notes” will be launched June 14 at the International Press Center in this city capital.

Ocean Press and Ocean South publishing houses will launch the document, which along a previous one titled “Critical Notes on Economics” makes up the foundations of Che´s Marxist thinking.

The new book includes writings in three moments of Che´s life: notes during his adolescence and early youth; written reflections in Tanzania, Prague and Cuba; and studies on theoretical works Che began to do just after he arrived in Bolivia, according to Cubadebate website.


India's Foreign Minister to Visit Cuba

New Delhi, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) India''s Foreign Minister S. M. Krishna will make an official visit to Cuba, June 15-17.

During his first day in Havana, Krishna will meet with his Cuban peer, Bruno Rodriguez, to analyze bilateral issues and review regional and international affairs, said the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a release.

India and Cuba have traditionally had warm and friendly relations, and have maintained mutual cooperation in sports, energy, biotechnology and information technology, the note states.

India was among the first nations to recognize the Cuban government after the triumph of the Revolution on January 1, 1959.

Both nations have maintained close contacts in international forums such as the UN and the Non-Aligned Movement, and supported one another's candidatures at many UN agencies.

New Delhi has always supported Havana when the UN has voted on the resolution to lift the U.S. blockade against Cuba, and opposed Washington's attempts to condemn the island in UN entities such as the Human Rights Council.

Both countries have shared viewpoints on the need to democratize the UN and expand its Security Council as essential part of the process to reform the international agency. Cuba also supports India's inclusion as a permanent member of the Security Council.

According to the note from the Indian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Krishna will meet in Havana with ambassadors of his country in Latin America and the Caribbean, as part of his agenda, already completed in other regions. The objective is to sensitize embassies to the needs of Indian communities in those nations.


Muhammad Ali Sends his Condolences for Stevenson´s Death

HAVANA, Cuba, June 13 (ACN)—Outstanding US boxer Muhammad Ali sent a message of condolences for the death on Monday of Word and three-time Olympic Champ Teofilo Stevenson.

In his message, published on Granma and Cubadebate websites, Ali says he really felt deep sorrow at the news of the death of one of the great boxing champs, Teofilo Stevenson.

Although Stevenson was not a professional boxer, the fact that he won three gold medals in three different Olympic games implies that he would have been a formidable rival to any other heavy weight boxer of his time or any other contender in his best moment, the message reads.

Ali said he will always remember his meeting with great Teofilo in his native Cuba. “He was one of the greatest in this world,” and noted that at the same time he was warm and amicable.


Cuban Council of State Agrees to Replace Two Cabinet Ministers

HAVANA, Cuba, June 13 (ACN)—An official release published on Granma daily newspaper on Wednesday announced that the Cuban Council of State agreed to replace two cabinet ministers, who will be assigned other responsibilities.

The Council of State, at the proposal of its President, agreed to release comrade Medardo Diaz Toledo from his post as minister of Informatics and Communications and promote first deputy minister of this sector, engineer Maimir Mesa Ramos to this office, reads the official note and explains that that Diaz Toledo will return to the Revolutionary Armed Forces.

The Council of State also agreed to release the minister of the Basic Industry, Tomas Benitez Hernandez and appoint engineer Alfredo Lopez Valdes as new minister. Lopez Valdes was first deputy minister of the sector.  Benitez Hernandez will be assigned other responsibilities, concludes the official release.


Cholera Behaves as Expected in Haiti, says Cuban Doctor

HAVANA, Cuba, June 13 (ACN)—Haiti is still a victim of Cholera. The epidemic that appeared in October 2010 and killed over 7 000 people is still there though in an endemic stage, but with the arrival of the rainy season, international media tell about a new outbreak of the disease. However, the behavior of Cholera is as stable as it had been predicted.

A Granma daily article on Wednesday reads that the head of the Cuban medical mission in Haiti, Doctor Lorenzo Somarriba explained that the endemic stage is marked by local epidemic outbreaks, since the bacterium known as “vibrio cholera” is currently in circulation, though the disease is behaving as it was expected.

A very small number of cholera cases was reported from January to April. The figure increased with the arrival of the rainy season in May, the doctor added.

However, international news agencies are taking of figures reaching up to 200 000 cases for the rest of the year, which the doctor considered an overestimate, since such figure would stand for more than half the number considered for the first year that the epidemic hit the country.

The endemic stage means that the disease behaves stable in time, including seasonal variations. According to records in other countries, Cholera can keep that way for years, said the doctor.

Meanwhile, the Pan-American Health Organization says the increase of cholera cases at the global level is quite slow because the rainy season is not that strong as in previous years. The disease, which is transmitted mainly through the water and contaminated foodstuffs, is stable with a tendency to an increase of cases due to the prevalence of factors of risk.

Only 2 percent of the Haitian population has access to drinking water; they do not count on appropriate basic sanitation systems, which favors the contamination of  surface water sources. Add to this high levels of poverty, malnutrition, T.B., HIV/Aids, which are diseases increasing the risk to get infected.

Even when no deaths have been reported this year by the Cuban Medical Brigade, its personnel is ready to face any new cholera case and carry out local control through active screening techniques.

The control post of the Cuban Medical Brigade, which count on high-level experts, monitor all possible cases arriving at medical facilities, says the doctor. The Cuban brigade counts on the necessary personnel and resources to deal with the disease. At present the Cuban experts are deployed in 33 cholera surveillance sites, 30 cholera treatment facilities and another two centers ready to receive and treat any case.


Belgian Solidarity Groups Congratulate Cuban 5 for Father's Day

Paris, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) On the occasion of Father''s Day, the Belgian solidarity association "Friends of Cuba" sent a warm congratulation to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in U.S. prisons since 1998.

The organization's president Alexandra Dirckx stated that Gerardo Hernandez, Ramon Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, Fernando Gonzalez and Rene Gonzalez are prevented to be along with their relatives and friends in that special day.

Dirckx participated in a meeting with members of the Carlos Habre brigade, which recently worked in the restoration of a health center in the westernmost Cuban province of Pinar de Rio.

The activist used the occasion to extend her solidarity greeting to all Cuban fathers.

The students of the Belgian Technische Scholen Mechelen junior high school also wrote some letters to the five Cuban antiterrorist fighters unjustly held in prisons of that northern country, for preventing criminal actions against Cuba.

In the letter addressed to Gerardo Hernandez, they informed about the tour of many solidarity groups in the country to explain the situation and demand their immediate release.

"We have collected more signatures than the days you have been in prison," states the letter, and adds "even the quietest of voices could be heard when multiplied. We can and will achieve their release."


Cuba Highlights Importance of NAM Role at ILO

Geneva, Jun 13 (Prensa Latina) Cuba highlighted in this city the important of unity and political understanding of Non-Aligned countries (NAM) for advancing negotiations in the context of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

"The unity of our action is indispensable to increasingly face complex  scenarios," Work and Social Security Minister Margarita Gonzalez stated during the 6th NAM Ministers' meeting, held on the occasion of the ILO Conference.

NAM meetings have shown to be a space of great importance for political understanding and strategic determination, Gonzalez stated. Those meetings have advanced in concrete proposals about issues of great importance, such as work methods of the Committee on the Application of Standards, she said.

During the current conference, ILO has shown that there is still much to do and move forward, Gonzalez noted.

The need to continue reforming those work methods that are transparent, anti-democratic, object of political manipulation and tools to distinguish determined countries still remains, the official said.

The minister described as unacceptable the great imbalance existing between the so-called fundamental and technical agreements, as well as between industrialized and developing countries.


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