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Cuba Will Never Be Pressured or Blackmailed, Fidel Castro Says

Havana, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, stated that Cuba will never be pressured or blackmailed by its enemies, and that the country's laws will be inevitably enforced, as part of its 50 years'' impeccable behavior.

In his latest reflection, referring to the international campaign due to the death of a common prisoner in Cuba last week, Fidel Castro recommended the European Union (EU) to try to save the euro and eliminate the chronic unemployment affecting young people.

He also urged to respond to the protesters which the police charge and hit constantly.

Reading both statements in the news produce shame, when they use their blatant lies to attack Cuba, stated Fidel Castro in his recent reflection.

It is good to state it clearly and plainly. The Spanish government and the ramshackle European Union, affected a deep economic crisis, should know what to abide by, said the revolutionary leader.

It would be really better that the Spanish government, given its excellent relations with Washington, travels to the United States and learn about what is happening in U.S. prisons, noted Fidel Castro, who described those governments as "traditionally engaged with subversion against Cuba."

We do not ignore that the followers of (Francisco) Franco now rule in Spain. Franco sent some members of the Blue Division, along with the Nazi SS and SA, to kill Russian people.

The fascist right wing of (Jose Maria) Aznar, (Mariano) Rajoy and other servers of the empire should know something about the 16,000 casualties their predecessors of the Blue Division had, Fidel Castro wrote.


U.S. Candidate Selection: An Idiotic Competition, Fidel Castro Says

Havana, Jan 25 (Prensa Latina) The leader of the Cuban Revolution, Fidel Castro, described as a competition full of nonsense and ignorance the selection of the Republican presidential candidate for the November elections in the United States.

"Selecting a Republican presidential candidate in that globalized and vast empire is, and I mean it, a biggest competition of idiocy and ignorance that has ever existed", Fidel Castro stated.

He talked about the seriousness of the news coming from Spain, France, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iran, Syria, the United Kingdom, the Falkland (Malvinas) Islands and other nations of the planet.

"All (news) predict a political and economic disaster triggered by the senselessness of the United States and its allies", the Cuban leader noted.


Cuba for UN Security Council Actions against Israel

United Nations, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuba urged the UN Security Council on Tuesday to play its role and adopt practical measures so that Israel puts an end to policies that violate international law.

Cuba also demanded the end of manipulation in the Security Council to serve the interests of some powers that enjoy the obsolete veto privilege, as happened with the imposition and reinterpretation of resolutions 1970 and 1973 (Libya).

Cuba’s stand was expressed by permanent representative to the UN Pedro Nunez Mosquera in an open debate of the Security Council about the situation in the Middle East, including the Palestinian issue.

The Cuban diplomat reiterated his country’s support to the application for entry of the Palestinian State as a full fledged member of the United Nations, and denounced powerful interests opposed to its admission.

Those are the same countries which withdrew their support to UNESCO for accepting, in an elementary act of justice, the full fledged membership of Palestine in that UN organ, he said.

He said that contacts between Israelis and Palestinians promoted by the Middle East Quartet have not brought a reduction of provocations or any concrete proposal about border demarcation and security mechanisms in the region.

The negotiation process interrupted by Israel’s intransigence and its decision to continue building Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories should be resumed, said the Cuban ambassador.


Cuba Extols Importance of Multilateralism and Disarmament

Geneva, Jan 24 (Prensa Latina) Cuba reiterated in Geneva on Tuesday the importance of promoting multilateralism as the basic principle of negotiations on disarmament.

"Decisions taken multilaterally, in accordance with the UN Chapter, are the only sustainable method of addressing the matters related to disarmament and security," said Cuban ambassador to the Geneva-based international organizations, Rodolfo Reyes.

In his speech at the Conference of Disarmament, Reyes considered unacceptable that about 23,000 nuclear weapons exist in the world, 7,560 of them ready to be used immediately.

"Nuclear disarmament is and should remain the highest priority in terms of disarmament," said Reyes.

The Cuban ambassador in Geneva expressed his concern about certain attempts at not recognizing this conference, which is the result of multilateralism and in whose heart have been reached important international agreements.

Tens of resolutions continue being adopted and are not fulfilled, and the fourth extraordinary period of sessions of the General Assembly on Disarmament is still to be summoned, despite the insistence of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Cuba opposes, said Reyes, the replacement of the Conference by provisional selective agreements, outside the framework of the United Nations and managed by certain countries, because it would represent a dangerous backward step.

During the first session of the 2012 Conference on Disarmament, Cuba handed over the presidency of that mechanism to Ecuador.


UN Official Praises Cuba’s Fight against AIDS

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 25 (acn) Carlos Cortes Falla, head advisor of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Cuba, praised the results Cuban strategies to prevent HIV-AIDS have obtained.

In an interview granted to ACN news agency in the framework of the 6th Congress on Sexual Education, Orientation, Therapy, under way in Havana, Cortes said Cuba shows one of the lowest HIV infection rates in all Latin America.

That is due to the will of the Cuban institutions that promote all possible prevention initiatives, he said.

Cortes added that the discipline and organization Cuban authorities show, specially the Public Health Ministry, in the fight against AIDS, was dubbed as exemplary by his organization in a meeting held in Uruguay.

“The work of institutions like the National Center for Sexual Education (CENESEX) and schools throughout the country to bring much needed awareness on the risks, has been very valuable as well”

During the workshop “Local strategies in the prevention of AIDS”, Doctor Manuel Orta Sánchez, considered the key for the effectiveness of this strategies the training to health promoters that CENESEX and MINSAP have implemented.


Regional Expert Extols Cuba’s Progress on Sexual Education

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 24 (acn) The vice president of the Latin American Federation of Sexology and Sexual Education Societies, Elizabeth Gutierrez Florez said Cuba has done good progress on the matter and that the work of health authorities’ efforts to educate the people are wonderful.

The Colombian specialist, who is attending the 6th Cuban Congress on Sexual Education, Orientation and Therapy, told the media she has taken part in similar events in Cuba in which she has noticed the advances made by the island in this science.

Gutierrez Flores insisted on the importance of educating the people noting that sexual illiteracy existing worldwide is the main cause leading to sexual dysfunctions.

The specialist announced that Colombia will be the venue for the 16th Latin American Congress on Sexology and Sexual Education in 2012. She said the event will tackle problems related to violence, abuse and sexual harassment and aggressions in the different countries of the region.

On Tuesday, the scientific program of the meeting underway in Havana includes a master lecture about key factors for AIDS prevention, and a round table on local strategies to warn the people over the disease.

The Cuban Congress is organized by the National Center of Sexual Education and the Cuban Multidisciplinary Society for Sexuality Studies.


Cuba Has High Solar Energy Potential

HAVANA, Cuba, Jan 24 (acn) Five KwH of solar energy fall daily on every square meter of Cuba, which equals the energy produced by half a kilogram of oil, said an expert in Havana.

In statements to ACN, a specialist of the Energy Information and Development Management Center (CUBAENERGIA), Mario Arrastia, affirmed that the sun is the island’s main source for renewable energy.

Arrastia said in Cuba there is a growing awareness of the need to move towards a sustainable energetic future. He noted that even though the technologies required for such transition are very expensive, Cuba is getting ready to expand the use of environmentally-friendly energy sources.

Havana-based CUBAENERGIA is a center of the Agency of Nuclear Energy and Advanced Technology and responds to the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment.

Since it emerged in 2000, it has led several scientific research projects that have contributed to decision–making processes and the implementation of mechanisms for the exploitation of energy renewable sources.


USA: Aimed at Controlling the World

January 24, 2012 - By Néstor Núñez (AIN)

The United States has historically imposed its mandates onto other nations that are not of the liking of the Oval Office.  Washington believes it’s got the “divine right” to think that it has the perfect, the more just, democratic, free “civilization”, protectors of all and destined to impose its thinking onto so called “useless, hateful and corrupted nations”.

As a result of this Washington thinks it has the right to unilaterally destroy other countries even if its own house is falling apart.

Former foreign affairs advisor to British ex Prime Minister Antony Blair, Robert Cooper said years ago: “We must get used to the idea of a double moral”.

In only a few words he said that the worst will come to those that do not surrender to Washington’s rules, while those that give in to its impositions will never be bothered.

As Pakistani author Tariq Ali said in his book The Collision of the fundamentalists, “this cynical attitude is to punish the so called crimes of the enemy and reward its friends”, simple as it is.

Washington prepares the international community for their war of aggression with tactics like amplifying a mistake or lying about its opponents.

For example the US is stigmatizing the Iranian nuclear program destined for peaceful means, while they do not mention the Israeli nuclear arsenals that dates back decades ago and does not report to anyone.

Now the fight against terrorism in the world is the theme of the day, while assassins like Luis Posada Carries is protected by Washington, five Cubans were put behind bars for having defended the island against terrorists based in southern Florida.

Progressive nations are attacked on a daily basis accusing them of drug trafficking while within the US itself the local mafia is getting richer with the addicts that swarm in the largest drug market in the world.

Cuba has been a constant victim of the US global policy and that is why the island has insisted in denouncing Washington’s modus operandi that destroys the main principle of respect among nations stipulated by international law.

Cuba has not stopped being a victim of the enemy campaign tied to horrendous acts from subversive actions in the hemisphere in the early days of the triumph of the Revolution, to human rights violations, ties to terrorism, drug trafficking and other crimes.

All these actions are aimed at Washington’s passionate bid to control the world.


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