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July 26: Let's Celebrate Cuba's National Rebellion Day Print E-mail
Celebremos el Día de la Rebeldía Nacional de Cuba!

>> An online webinar with poetry, Cuban + International speakers & music! <<

Sunday, July 26, 2020

3pm Atlantic Time/ 2pm Eastern Time/ 11am Pacific Time

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Please join the Canadian Network on Cuba and our allies in the Cuba solidarity movement on June 17 for our 2nd virtual protest action. It will be a continuation of coordinated monthly protests against the U.S. blockade which have been taking place in in Vancouver, Ottawa and Montreal, Canada and Kiev, Ukraine on the 17th of each month since 2015.

HER EXCELLENCY JOSEFINA VIDAL - Cuban Ambassador to Canada. Previously, she was president of the Cuban delegation in the first and second rounds of Cuba-U.S. talks, which paved the way for the restoration of diplomatic relations between both countries under Cuban President Raul Castro and American President Barack Obama, as well as the freedom of our 5 Cuban heroes held in U.S. jails, in December 2014.

EL JONES – A poet, professor, activist and author of, "Live from the Afrikan Resistance!" (Roseway, 2014). Her work focuses on social justice issues such as feminism, prison abolition, anti-racism, and decolonization.
KELLY WHITE – Coast Salish Elder. Long-time social justice and Indigenous rights organizer and activist.
SANGRA MORENA – A dynamic musical duo performing beloved Spanish-language songs with beautiful, passionate singing and the fiery sounds of flamenco guitar.

On July 26, 1953 a young 26-year-old Fidel Castro led a group of revolutionaries in an initial attack against the U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista. Gathering at dawn, the young revolutionaries target was the Moncada Army Barracks in Santiago de Cuba. While they did not achieve their goal that day, their heroic actions – and Fidel Castro’s rousing courtroom speech, “History will absolve me,” – inspired the Cuban people to push forward to the triumph of the revolution in 1959! Join the Canadian Network on Cuba for a dynamic celebration of Cuba’s National Rebellion Day (el Día de la Rebeldía Nacional de Cuba) to learn more about this history and to celebrate the gains of the Cuban revolution.
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