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News on Cuba - July 13, 2012 Print E-mail

New US maneuver to hinder Gerardo´s process of appeal

HAVANA, Cuba, July 13 (ACN) The Cuban Foreign Affairs Ministry issued a statement on Thursday denouncing new arbitrary actions and violations of the rights of Cuban Gerardo Hernandez, one of the five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters held in the US since 1998. CAN publishes the full statement as posted on the website of the Foreign Ministry:

Statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

One of the five antiterrorist fighters unjustly imprisoned in the United States, Hero of the Republic of Cuba, Gerardo Hernández Nordelo, has been subject  of a new arbitrariness by the authorities of that country, aiming at hindering his legal process.

News on Cuba - July 11, 2012 Print E-mail

Video Supporting Cuban 5 Released in USA

Washington, Jul 11 (Prensa Latina) The International Committee to Free the Five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters unjustly held in the United States screened a new video on social networking sites in solidarity with them. This is the eighth video of this kind produced by the International Committee placed at the YouTube website, with the objective of reaching varied audiences, said the organization that supports the Cuban people and the cause of the Five who were tried 11 years ago.

The video includes interviews with renowned international artists such as Danny Glover and Peter Coyote speaking about the injustice committed against the Cuban patriots, detained in Miami in September 1998.

News on Cuba - July 10, 2012 Print E-mail

Vietnamese Media Highlight Visit of Raul Castro

Hanoi, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) The media of Vietnam highlighted the visit here of Cuban President, Raul Castro, and his dialogue with the highest national authorities, as a high point in the continuing development of the historical relations and cooperation between the two countries.

Newspapers, websites, radio and television still distribute on Monday pictures from the official reception at the Presidential Palace, with an honor guard composed of the three armed forces branches for this country.

News on Cuba - July 9, 2012 Print E-mail

Cuban President Remembers Ho Chi Minh

Hanoi, Jul 9 (Prensa Latina) We must thank Vietnam for the lessons it has always taught us, the Cuban President, Raul Castro, said here today in a particularly moving day of visits.

He began the day placing a wreath at the monument for martyrs of Vietnam's independence wars, and at the Mausoleum where Ho Chi Minh lies.

News on Cuba - July 6, 2012 Print E-mail

Chinese President Receives Raul Castro

HAVANA, Cuba, Jul 5 (acn) Chinese President Hu Jintao officially welcomed the visiting Cuban president Raul Castro in Beijing.

In the People’s Palace in the Chinese capital both heads of state held private talks, and later delegations from the two countries met, according to the Cuban National TV Newsreel.


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