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Group of 77 will Condemn US Hostile Policy against Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 12 (acn) The final declaration to be adopted by the upcoming Summit of the Group of 77 plus China will condemn US’s unilateral and offensive actions against Cuba, including the most recent and subversive Twitter program Zunzuneo.

According to the island’s permanent mission at the United Nations, the draft document strongly rejects the sanctions imposed by North countries against nations in the South, based on issues like terrorism, traffic in persons and drug traffic.
The forum, made up of 133 nations, is also expected to reject the use of information technologies in violation of international law and in this regards the Group of 77 plus China has noted that the US-sponsored program known as Zunzuneo against Cuba exposes its illegal use of such modern technologies.
The summit will also back Havana against Washington’s blacklisting of Cuba as a state sponsoring terrorism, which is an excuse to justify the over-50-year economic blockade against the Cuban people.
The Group of 77 agenda also includes initiatives about climate change, migration, agriculture, health and education, the millennium goals and the post 2005 working agenda for sustainable development.

Ecuador says No More Summits of the Americas without Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 12 (acn) Ecuadorian foreign minister Ricardo Patiño said in Quito that without Cuba’s full participation there will be no Summit of the Americas in Panama next year.
In a press conference on Wednesday, the foreign minister said that there is regional consensus on the Cuba issue as it was evidenced at the recent meeting of the Union of South American Nations (UNASUR), held in Galapagos Islands and at the Forum of the Organization of American States (OAS), in Paraguay.
Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa recently reiterated that his country will not go to the Panama Summit of the Americas if Cuba is not there.
It is unacceptable holding a Summit of the Americas without Cuba, as it is also unacceptable the existence of the Organization of American States without Cuba, and Latin America cannot tolerate this situation, said Correa.
Ecuador did not attend the 2013 Summit of the Americas in protest for Cuba’s absence.

Cuba is Fully Committed against all Forms of Terrorism
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 12 (acn) Cuba ratified at the UN General Assembly its commitment to fight all acts and forms of terrorism.
We reiterate our deepest rejection and condemnation of those acts, disregarding any the motivations, places, targets and actors, said Cuban diplomat Tanieris Dieguez at a forum on terrorism and its causes.
The diplomat also noted that all arbitrary and unilateral measures, acts of aggression, covert actions, unilateral sanctions and the blacklisting of countries with political aims are unjustifiable.
Dieguez denounced the impunity and double-standard policies on the issue, which are tools used by some superpowers to pretend that they are facing terrorism only to back their own interests.
Cuba also expressed its firm and unquenchable willingness to collaborate with multilateral efforts to put an end to all terrorist acts, methods and practices.

Haiti Opens Third Hospital with Cuban and Haiti Collaboration
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun 12 (acn) Haiti opened on June 11 its third community hospital with the support of Cuba and Brazil, after the earthquake that hit the nation in January 2010.
The medical facility was inaugurated by President Michel Martelly at the Carrefour neighborhood, west of the capital Port au Prince and it will benefit a population of more than 60 thousand, according to PL news agency.
Martelly stressed the importance of Cuban cooperation in the health sector and in other areas, such as education, fishing, construction and agriculture.
Meanwhile, Cuban ambassador to Haiti, Ricardo Garcia, said that the facility, in which Cuban medical specialists will also work, will contribute to the strengthening and reconstruction of the Haitian health system in order to improve the people’s quality of life.
Last Month, Haitian authorities opened a community hospital in the locality of Bon Repos with capacity for 52 beds and primary services in the specialties of surgery, general medicine, orthopedics, pediatrics, gynecology among others.

Cuba Protects its Cohiba Cigar Brand from Forgery
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun (acn) In an effort to protect reiterated forgery of the Cuban cigar brand known as Cohiba Behike, a new hologram will be incorporated to the ring of each cigar.
The new hologram will allow identifying the original brand around the world and will also provide additional information on the distributor, the bill number and other details.
Since their presentation in 2010, the Cohiba Behike cigar rings have the head of an Indian and a security hologram on each of them. Cohiba, the most representative brand of Cuban Habano cigars, was established in 1966.
The name Cohiba refers to the bunches of tobacco leaves that Cuban aborigines used to smoke on the island.
Cohiba Behike cigars are produced in limited amounts and it is characterized by its blend with exceptional scent and taste.
Despite the world economic crisis and anti-tobacco campaigns, Cuba earned over 400 million dollars in terms of cigar exports in 2013. Major markets for the Cuban products are Spain, France, China, Germany, Switzerland, Lebanon, and the Arab Emirates.

Cuba Reports Increase in Tourist Arrivals
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun (acn) Cuba reported 1 million 282 thousand 734 foreign visitors in the first quarter of 2014, almost a third of the expected figure for this year.
Tourist arrivals have grown by 5 percent thus far, which is favorable for the sector’s expectations to reach 3 million visits in 2014, according to the National Statistics Office (ONE).
Canada continues to be the major source of tourists to the island, followed by Germany, France, Italy, and the U.K.
Cuban tourism officials say although the summer season has traditionally been less favorable, expectations are good given the opening of new flights and the promotion of special offers.
Cuba received two million 852 thousand 572 tourists in 2013, which translated into more than 1.8 billion dollars. However the figure represented only 0.5 percent growth for the sector.
At present Cuba offers 58 thousand 434 hotel rooms, in four and five-star-facilities throughout the island.

Sherritt International Extends Oil Contract with Cuba
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun (acn) The Canadian Sherritt International Corporation announced in Ottawa the extension of its oil and gas shared production contract (PSC) with Cuba for 10 years, an extension of the agreements that expired in 2018.

According to a note confirmed by Juan Torres Naranjo, General Director of Cupet, the alliance of the Canadian enterprise with Cuba’s Cubapetroleo (Cupet) will continue until March, 2028, the Prensa Latina news agency reported.  He said that added to this would be other exploratory shared production contracts, pending of approval by the appropriate authorities. 

The modified agreement includes the extension of the Puerto Escondido-Yumuri PSC, which will allow for a greater development of drillings in these fields, located in the north coast of the western part of the island, he specified.

During the new 10-year period, Sherritt commits itself to drill a minimum of seven additional wells in the first two years starting from the day the agreement comes into force, the same source informed.

The extension applies to all new wells drilled after the modification of the PSC, explains the press release.

The president of Sherritt International, David Pathe, expressed his satisfaction while announcing this extension of the alliance with Cuba as an important landmark in the continuity of long-term oil production on the island.

Cuba Assembles Biotechnology Plants in Other Nations
HAVANA, Cuba, Jun (acn) Cuba’s Biopharmaceutical Laboratory Business Group (LABIOFAM) is working on the design, construction, assembly and launch of biotechnology plants in countries like Ethiopia and Tanzania, after doing so in Venezuela, China, Vietnam and Argentina, among other countries.

These efforts will be shown during the LABIOFAM 2014 International Congress, scheduled for September 22-25 at Havana’s Convention Center, announced on Thursday during a press conference Jose Antonio Fraga, director of the entity.

Attending the meeting will be entrepreneurs and health and agriculture ministers of several countries, representatives of international organizations and delegates of Spain, China, Russia, Rumania, Peru, Mexico, the United States, Bolivia and Chile, among other nations.

LABIOFAM develops a wide gamut of bio-pesticides, bio-stimulants and bio-fertilizer products for human, plant and animal use, with the purpose of preventing the harmful damage caused by chemicals. 

Jardines del Rey Tourist Destination Starts 2014 Summer Season

CIEGO DE AVILA, Cuba, Jun (acn) With the aim of improving quality of services in all facilities and achieving a personalized service, Jardines del Rey tourist destination starts 2014 summer season.

Iyolexis Correa, delegate of Tourism Minister in Ciego de Avila, said this enclave of 5900 rooms reached during winter period the best results ever with substantial growth in all emitting markets.

She noted that Coco and Guillermo Cays are prepared to assume the new stage with infrastructure improvements, rehabilitation of inner roads and repair of several bridges on the viaduct linking the islands to mainland.

Signposting and information through fences is also superior, in addition to non-hotel products with the opening of La Gaviota Mall, Rocarena multifunctional establishment and Buena Vista Club, in Morón town.

Correa explained that between July and September a weekly flight of 280 passengers will arrive at Jardines del Rey airport from Lisbon, which strengthens the arrival of European tourists; plus the Italian market possibilities are explored from an exclusive product design.

Jardines del Rey has in Canada, Argentina and the United Kingdom its main foreign emitting markets, while the national market shows an upward growth that places it second regarding the number of tourists.


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