Overwhelming Majority of Nations Reiterate Their Rejection of the Blockade Against Cuba Print

Granma International, October 26, 2010

United Nations, October 26, 2010: Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parilla addresses the General Assembly. Electronic panel shows the tally of the vote on the resolution.

For the 19th consecutive occasion at the UN General Assembly, the vast majority of countries on the planet have condemned the economic, commercial and financial blockade maintained by the U.S. government against Cuba.

The island’s Resolution A/65/L.3 received the support of 187 countries, abstentions from three countries (the Marshall Islands, Palau and Micronesia) and two against (the United States and Israel).

The blockade has an enormous impact on the daily lives of all the Cuban people and has generated losses estimated at $751.363 billion.

The extraterritorial nature of its laws shatters the hackneyed argument brandished by the U.S. that this is a bilateral matter and demonstrates all the characteristics of a real trade war that affects companies and individuals in third countries.

Members of delegations form a line to congratulate the Cuban Foreign Minister after the vote.

(Photos: UN)