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We Must Defend Our Country Print E-mail
We have an exciting webinar that will be happening this Friday evening, April 21st at 8pm EST, about The Bay of Pigs invasion, and within this theme, the lessons for today, and contextualizing its significance with regards to the United States' continual economic and disinformation assaults on Cuba in the present.

ARNOLD AUGUST has said that the sky is the limit, and is ready to discuss and answer questions on all things Cuba! He has shared links (below) to two relevant articles to our theme that he has written, and suggests that the audience might like to read them before the webinar:

SERGIO de JESúS JORGE PASTRANA was orn July 27, 1950, in Havana, married, with two daughters and three grandchildren, Sergio Pastrana is currently the Cuban Ambassador, Chargé d´Affairs in Antigua and Barbuda. He was the former Cuban Ambassador in Barbados 2019 - 2023.

Having been the Foreign Secretary of the Academy of Sciences of Cuba and Executive Director of the institution for many years, he was elected Member of Honor of both, the Academies of Sciences of Cuba, Guatemala and the Caribbean. He was President of the Caribbean Scientific Union from 2005 to 2007. A historian and philologist graduated at the University of Havana, he took further studies at the Institute of International Relations of Cuba.

From 2003 to 2018, Pastrana was the Cuban representative to the Executive Committee of IAP, the Global Network of Academies of Sciences, where he chaired the Membership Committee. He was a member of the Executive Board of the International Council for Science (ICSU) (2005-2014) and Vice President (2012-2014). He has widely represented Cuban and Caribbean scientists at international meetings on science. A consultant to various UN agencies, he has been appointed special envoy of the Republic of Cuba for the signing of intergovernmental agreements, and has been official representative of Cuba, on behalf of Cuban scientists on many occasions. He has published numerous articles and book chapters in Cuba and abroad on the subject of the history of international relations of science, as well as on the advisory role of Academies of Sciences.

Register for the Zoom Webinar:

The World Says YES to Cuba! Print E-mail

Join the Canadian Network on Cuba and friends of Cuba from all over the world!

November 17, 2022
5pm Vancouver | 7pm Winnipeg | 8pm Toronto | 9pm Halifax

To register, click this link: https://us06web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_4heesBBvSdyWm2rYlBZrlQ

In light of the 30th consecutive United Nations General Assembly vote against the unilateral blockade on Cuba, we will discuss the almost universal international solidarity with Cuba and the necessity of ending the cruel attack on Cuba's economic and political sovereignty by the US.

Guest speakers to be announced in the coming days. Stay tuned!

From Keith Ellis – Co-ordinator CNC Fundraising

I am sure that you know that Cuba has suffered a devastating blow. A lightning strike during a thunderstorm on Friday night, evading the precautions and defenses known to science, set off a fire in one of eight storage tanks in the bay of Matanzas containing oil used for power generation. The highly flammable feeder of a fire that is proving difficult to extinguish has not only kept this disaster going for days now but has enabled this horribly wasteful disaster to cause four explosions and ignite a second storage tank. The winds are picking up and threatening a third tank of this indispensable and expensive fuel.

Cuban firefighters have brought all their skills and their valour to the task, but the indispensable and expensive commodity for a modern economy has so far accounted for one death and seventeen missing firefighters, as well as injuring at least 120 people. Cuba’s appeal for international help came after it had already been offered by Russia and Bolivia and the response from Latin America, the Caribbean and other parts of the world has been positive. Mexico and Venezuela have already sent crews to fight the gigantic fire. Even the United States has spoken of offering technical assistance to quell the fire, an offer that is being assessed with respect to its implication for U.S. law and the long-lasting U.S. blockade.

The CNC is proposing a campaign for funds to help Cuba to deal with this disaster, one that comes not long after the destructive set-back to the country`s tourism industry caused by another gas explosion, this one to the Saratoga Hotel in Central Havana. The fundraising committee is suggesting a brief and intense campaign to raise funds for Cuba in these difficult times, an initiative already undertaken by a group in Calgary. The CNC is grateful for your contribution to this campaign and for any suggestions that you might have for making it more wide-reaching.

Keith Ellis
CNC Fundraising Committee

Your donation may be sent by e-transfer to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Write your cheque to Association of Cubans in Toronto and Mail to:

Julio Fonseca
705 King Street West # 1706
Toronto, ON
M5V 2W8

Unfortunately, the CNC is unable to give tax receipts for your donations.

CNC Statement on the Matanzas Fuel Base Fire Print E-mail
La Red Canadiense de Solidaridad con Cuba (CNC) sigue atentamente las operaciones de extinción del fuego ocasionado por una descarga eléctrica en la base de combustible en la ciudad de Matanzas. Elogiamos la rápida acción de las autoridades del gobierno cubano para prevenir más daños a la estructura de dicha base y la protección de vidas humanas.

Este lamentable accidente ocurre en momentos en que Cuba enfrenta escasez de combustible debido en gran medida a las sanciones impuestas por EEUU, las que están encaminadas a asfixiar la economía y causar dificultades al heroico pueblo cubano.

Nuestros pensamientos están con Cuba en estos momentos de dolor. Deseamos una pronta recuperación a los lesionados, y como siempre, reafirmamos nuestro apoyo irrestricto al pueblo cubano.

The Canadian Network on Cuba (CNC) is saddened to hear about the fire accident that occurred at the Matanzas fuel base due to a lightning strike, and commends the swift and brave action taken to extinguish it to prevent further loss, at a time when Cuba is experiencing severe fuel shortages under sanctions by the United States that relentlessly attempts to asphyxiate its economy and cause daily suffering for the Cuban people.

We extend our deepest sympathies to the heroic victims and their families, and we are thinking of them in this time of pain, while we wish them a speedy recovery.

As always, the CNC stands in unwavering solidarity with Cuba, especially in this time of critical shortages of fuel and other basic necessities. Our thoughts and support are with the Cuban people.

Remembering Cuban Revolutionary Diplomat Ricardo Alarcon Print E-mail

To sign the electronic book of condolences for Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada email  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Havana, 1 May 2022.

Veteran Cuban diplomat and politician Ricardo Alarcon passed away today in Havana, close to his 85th birthday, relatives and official sources confirmed.

The history of Cuban revolutionary diplomacy cannot be written without mentioning among its most precious pages the brilliant and innovative performance of Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada, the Havana embassy in Romania wrote on social media.

Alarcon served as Foreign Minister from 1991 to 1993; he was Cuba’s ambassador to the UN when the island sat at the Security Council as a non-permanent representative, and for 20 years he presided over Cuba’s National Assembly of People’s Power (parliament).

Photo of Ricardo Alarcon speaking


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