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Decades of attacks against the island of Cuba

Terrorist Acts Against Cuba |  Posada Asylum Petition

[La Coubre Sabotage]The hypocrisy is sickening. As the United States pursues its War Against Terror, holding suspects in secret jails and incarcerating hundreds at the illegally-occupied naval base at Guantánamo Bay, it accuses Cuba of being a "state sponsor of terror." 

The ridiculousness of this claim is made all the more poignant by the presence of known, convicted and self-confessed terrorists and murderers who are even today enjoying a happy life within U.S. borders. People like Orlando Bosch, one of the killers responsible for bombing an Air Cubana airliner in the 1970s, among many other criminal acts. 

Bosch's former boss - and a CIA "asset" - is Luis Posada Carriles, who made headlines in the 1990s by admitting to New York Times reporters in an extensive interview that he was the mastermind behind a string of hotel bombings in Cuba, including one in 1997 that killed Fabio di Celmo, an Italian citizen and Canadian resident. 

In April, 2005, Luis Posada showed up in Miami, seeking "asylum" in the United States. He had entered the country illegally, after being unjustly pardoned by the outgoing president of Panama, where he had been sent to prison for conspiring to blow up a university hall where Cuban President Fidel Castro was to speak during a state visit. Posada's co-conspirators had previously been warmly welcomed in Miami upon their release. 

The United States' National Public Radio recently interviewed New York Times' reporter, Ann Louise Bardach, to whom Posada admitted his role in terrorist acts Listen to the interview (RealAudio).

Here we have a man who admitted to murder and terrorism... now living among his peers in the heartland of anti-Cuba terrorists. This is an appropriate moment to recall the words of U.S. President Bush on the occasion of the signing of an anti-terrorism bill:

"If anybody harbors a terrorist, they're a terrorist. If they fund a terrorist, they're a terrorist. If they house terrorists, they're terrorists. I mean, I can't make it any more clear to other nations around the world."

- U.S. President George Bush, November 26, 2001

Bringing to light the reality of U.S.-based terror groups and their attacks against Cuba is the objective of an upcoming Canadian tour of an Irish-Cuban documentary, "Mission Against Terror." (Read an interview with the filmmakers). Visit this website in the weeks ahead for an itinerary.



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