August 29: Calgary Medical Supplies for Cuba Fundraiser Print

CCFA- Calgary along side the Canadian Calixto Garcia Solidarity Brigade, proud to support our friends the "Asociación Juan Gualberto Gómez de Residentes Cubanos en Toronto" by accepting donations of much needed medical supplies that is been shipped to the various provinces within Cuba.

CCFA-Calgary will like to invite all friends of Cuba to join us for this special LUNCH that will take place August 29th. We are proud to be part this family that continues to build "bridges of Solidarity" . Cuba has been going through some difficult time due to Covid19 and the cruel blockade that has been imposed for over 60 years.

Recommended donation of medicine that can help alleviate COVID-19 symptoms are:
Imodium (help with diarrhea) & electrolytes (hydrolyte/Pedialyte), acetaminophen (Tylenol) for adult & Children, ibuprofen (Advil), cough, congestion medicine (Benylin, Nyquil, Robitussin, Tylenol etc.), benzonatate (medicine to help with symptoms of cough), menthol (Vicks), multivitamins D, E. C, Zinc50/100mg. Omega 3 (for Adults & children), Aspirin 81-325mg, chewable cough tables (halls, bentasil, ricola, fisherman’s drops) etc, also collecting oximeter, manual resuscitator and syringes (1ml) & any other medicine is are also welcome!