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An international initiative of friendship, assistance and learning between Macintosh users in Canada and Cuba.

As members of Canada's Cuba solidarity movement have visited la isla bonita over the past several years, evidence of the existence of Mac computers has been scarce - but it exists and is growing. In 1996, Grupo Mexcla used a Mac SE/30 for MIDI programming; foreign journalists residing in Cuba showed up with Powerbook laptops; the National Sciences Library has a PowerMac G3 for desktop publishing work; and in a technician's storeroom in Holguin, a Mac IIsi (donated from a Swedish hospital) sits on a shelf waiting for nothing more than a video cable to make it useful.

We see this as a perfect opportunity to build on our friendships in Cuba by providing information, equipment and peer support to Cuban Mac users. Recent years have seen a growth in the use of Linux on the island, which bodes well for the spread of Mac OS X systems and their UNIX underpinnings.

This site will also serve to bring greater awareness to Canadian and international audiences of Cuba's great strides in community-based information technology development, particularly the Joven Club national network of community IT training centres, and the InfoMed national medical information system, recently recognized by the World Health Organization.

Our efforts are aimed at making Cuban and Canadian Mac Users more proficient while showing advocates of other platforms just how creative and revolutionary the Macintosh can make us.
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Joven Club de Computación
(Youth Computer Club)


Features on Cuba and Information Technology / Computing / Networking

Your comments, suggestions and interest in this new (2004) Mac Users Group are encouraged and appreciated. We are pleased to consider submissions for publication on this site. EMAIL

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